Ahead Of The Curve Again

I distinctly remember saying that India is going to be the New China somewhere here a while back.

I was talking about how all of the cheap trinkets and even the machinery that we have been getting from China for decades now is going to start showing up as being made in India more and more.

Because of President Trump and his trade war with China and some savvy business people in India seeing an opportunity to grab some market share, you are most definitely be going to see Made In India more and more here in the future.

I think I made the observation shortly after I bought an inexpensive knurling tool off of Ebay for my mini lathe and Mountain Forge kind of jumped my shit for not buying something made here in the states.

For one thing, I honestly don’t think anyone here in the U.S. makes ANYTHING for the cheap Chinesium mini lathes.

They may sell stuff for them but almost all of it comes from China just like the mini lathes themselves.

That particular item wasn’t the first or even the second piece of Machine Tooling that I had purchased off of Ebay that originated in India as a matter of fact.

I had purchased some metric T nuts and a 4 inch Angle plate before and what caught my attention besides them being on a price point very comparable to what the Chinese wanted for them, the quality actually turned out to be a step above what I had been getting but more importantly, they were offering Free Shipping to boot and that sealed the freaking deal for me.

This was several months ago as I recall so I was a bit surprised to see someone else putting two and two together on this very subject that has absolutely nothing to do with machinery or tooling but rather something that may surprise you like it did me.

Leather Boot laces of all things.

26 thoughts on “Ahead Of The Curve Again

  1. You’ve probably heard of Mahindra. You know, small tractors. Mahindra also makes aircraft. California bought Mahindra airplanes for aerial patrol used by the Highway Patrol. No big surprise that a hard socialist state would forego buying American to do business with a socialist country.

    India is hard socialist.


  2. I believe that India has been the new China for quite a while. They make
    Royal Enfield motorcycles, Jaguars, Land Rovers, etc. Nixon may have
    made a mistake by playing the Chinese against the Soviet Union. Once
    they opened their economy, they started greasing the palms of every corrupt
    politician in America. The Chinese economy is probably circling the shitter
    right now as a result of the Chinese Kung Flu. We may never know how
    many Chinese died or the true extent of the economic damage.

    India is stepping up to fill the void. The Indian people adore Namaste Trump
    and are fiercely pro-American. I trust them a hell of a lot more than the Chinese.
    The recent border skirmishes have driven even more Indians into the pro-
    America camp. The reason the Indians have not been hit as hard by the
    Kung Flu is that HCQ is an over the counter drug that is used as an anti-
    Malarial. After Namaste Trump visited India, the PM offered to set aside
    100 or 1,000 square miles for American business ventures and the whole
    country is pissed off at the Chinks. Will we make the same mistake again?

    Maybe, but I would rather we deal with these guys than the Chinese:



    • I like that Jeep variant the Indians make, not sure of the name, you can buy them here, but only for off road use. Maybe if we can get their economy hot,, all of them here will move back? Nahh, wishful thinking, a colony is what they are…


        • I did too Mr Leonard, long, lonely nights caring for the sick and injured was made bearable by Dr. Demento and listening to Zappa, but very softly… I love Irony and all of it’s manifestations. I got my weirdness from my mother who was a nurse and weird as they came with a macabre sense of humor. I never worry about my demons, I feed them cookies.


          • I feed my demons alcohol. My mom was a lot like yours. I
            once asked her for the definition of alimony. She said it is the
            fucking you get for the fucking you got. She was the most
            earthy woman I knew until I met the lovely Nurse Rached out
            here in Burnt Scrotum CA. She was pissing her pants every
            time I played showed her a Scuzz Trittly video.


  3. In about 1981 or 82 I needed some combination wrenches. So off I go to Monkey Ward and looking around and found a set. Turns out those were made in India. Best damn wrenches I’ve ever owned. Still have most of them, except for losing a couple here and there.


      • Hey pappadom, the little Mahindra Jeep would fit a bulldog just right. Herr Unfuck would be able to post yet another Cederq video, he is still giggling over the last one. You’ll soon go viral on the ‘net, Cederq, kinda Coronaviral!


          • Herr Unfuck von U has 2 different posts of your avatar dog driving cars, and headed as Cederq. Seeing as I’m not quite up to 21st century technology (crap Chinesium Nokia, with real nav buttons), I havn’t seen them yet, but soon will. Unfuck is still laughing, he must be trawling search engines for video footage of you.


            • Oh those videos! I know about them, they are funny. I thought he had videos with my pants down of bent over or, indecently indelecto… or me in a compromised position.


          • No wuckas Cederq, we understand that if you did actually view them, you couldn’t then ignore the open challenge. I’m certain not to be the only one keen to see the great Unfuck vs Cederq face-off. Though I don’t believe Phil, when he says he only needs to move a couple of toolboxes to make roow for the grudge-match. I hope he doesn’t make it pay-per-view!


              • I get that, same here. I don’t know how he thrives in that neo-totalitarian state, he has to be careful what he says, being a free-thinking individual. I suppose a bit like gun-owners in California, with the thought police monitoring social comment.


  4. Heard from the guys at the shop I use sometimes that Mahindra has a small diesel pickup truck ready to compete in the Tacoma/RangerColorado market that is really solid and would crush the competition but the US Car Industry is making sure it stays banned. I used a friends Mahindra 4WD tractor one time and it was really great.


  5. Re India vs China
    The enemy of your enemy (that would be China) is NOT your friend. It is merely your enemy’s enemy. Play them off against one another, but don’t think either can be trusted.

    Regardless of whatever reception Trump may have received, know that Indians (and Pakistanis for that matter) generally have a lot of resentment against the British (still), and this translates to English-speaking whites overall. Which means Americans.

    As far as Indians go, if any group is to displace Jews in terms of power and influence in the US, it will be Indians. They have higher verbal dexterity than East Asians (except for me, but then I’m a fucking mutant and shit at being Chinese) and are more political overall. (And lean strongly left: Look at that Seattle shitbag Kshama Sawant, or Kamala Harris for that matter.) Chinese go around breaking rules by ignoring them (e.g. trade agreements, environmental laws, OSHA, etc). Indians are more likely to twist the situation so that YOU the victim are turned into the aggressor and the bad guy and somehow they end up The Victim. Sounds horrifyingly familiar, no?

    Nepotism is also a big thing (for Indians and Chinese both). They don’t have cutesy phrases to laugh off their nepotism, such as “Ah, he’s one of The Tribe, of course I gotta hire him!” but it works out the same way. Regular generic white Americans are the least nepotistic people I know of. This is a wonderful thing, but it leaves you open to being horribly taken advantage of by people who ARE nepotistic.

    TL;DR keep both at arm’s length, play them off against each other. Neither India nor China are to be trusted.


    • I don’t trust anybody I can’t personally see, speak with and watch their behavior. We had a contingent of Indian Troops in Kosovo and you couldn’t trust them even to know which end to shoot. They were as bad as the Serbs and Bosnians we had to deal with on a daily basis. Like old Ronnie Raygun said: “Trust but verify”…


      • My ancestry is half Serb, half German (and some wonder why I love guns, it’s in my blood!), but full Aussie born. Two of my closest friends are Croat, those old blood-fueds are bullshit to me. What did your comrades think about fighting fellow white Christians, supposedly to protect Moslem Kosovars and Albanians, in truth for Bill Clinton and his Deep State pals?


        • Ahh man, you are opening a can of worms! To a man we hated it. Just like Patton, we were fighting the wrong enemy. We should have had our weapons pointed at them.


          • Because the differing allegiances been formed and dissolved over night and not knowing who was your friend and ally and your enemy next. I will say the Moslem Kosovars and Albanians were the worse. Too many blood funds and atrocities committed by all parties over there. The Serbs and Bosnians did not want us there except for our weapons and the same for the others.


        • We should have never been over there. But who is clinton going to listen to a lowly sergeant and other scruffy lowlife enlisted. Even the smart officers knew we should have not ben involved in clinton’s folly.


          • I’ve never been a serviceman, I reckon that I would have been on insubordination charges from day one. Lucky for me, and the army, cumpulsory national service ended in ’72 in Australia. From reading accounts of Pommy and Yank AJs in the Balkans, it was a clusterfuck* from go to whoa. Fucking politicians, if anybody deserves to be looking at the muzzle of a gun, it’s them. *I don’t approve of many Americanisms, but this is a good one.


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