8 thoughts on “Leisure Defined

  1. Good effort, but B-.

    1) As noted, no cooler. Major party foul.
    2) A paddle? Pfft. That’s a back-up device.
    Shoulda gone with a trolling motor, a 12V battery in a WP casing,
    and a small solar panel, which would also have powered the tunes and a small cooling fan. (Or the smartphone, for emergencies, GPS, and photo/video. Anyone caught talking or texting on it in that situation has already screwed the pooch, and ought to be sunk, on principle.)
    3) Purists will also note the lack of holders for both beverage and fishing rod.
    Needs work, but it’s a solid first attempt.

    With a little more effort, he can upgrade his below-par prototype into a ready-for-primetime leisure craft.

    Add a lifejacket on a coathook, and a boat horn can, and even the water nazis will be happy.


  2. It would take Aesop to harsh our mellow at what could be an enjoyable pastime and something a redneck engineer could improve on at his or her leisure.


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