I May Be Getting Old And Slow But I Ain’t Stopped Yet

I’m too fucking ornery to give up.

Even though I spend my fair share of time sitting here on my ass surfing the net and fucking the dog, I still try and make sure that I get off my ass and do things.

Just reading through the archives of this Blog should be proof enough of that.

Sometimes I even surprise myself.


As my Old Man was fond of saying,

“I’m going to do something, even if it’s wrong”.

Sometimes even with the best of intentions, things seem to go from bad to worse.

We all know that Murphy guy real well.

I try my best to do what I consider to be the right thing.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t.

Shit happens.

That doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying.



15 thoughts on “I May Be Getting Old And Slow But I Ain’t Stopped Yet

  1. Long as you keep trying, I think that’s the key. It’s not that I’m ornery like you it’s that I’m just to damn stupid to give up. Only real reason I stick around is cause it pisses people off…..


  2. Um, Phil, that euphimism “- the dog”. Maybe I’m not up to speed on Yank phraseology, but it sounds like too much information to me.


      • Righto Phil, got you. As for “Screwing The ‘Roo”, generally a head-shot from a .22-250 Rem or .243 Win does that just fine! Americans are usually the beneficiaries of those same shots in all the Aussie ‘beef’ you consume, tell any US Hindus it’s fine to eat that hamburger. Oh fuck, now that’ll be another ‘roo in the stew’ kerfuffle, I was joking fellas! As for beastiality, we leave that to Dimmocrap Yanks, who fuck pigs like Dianne, Hillary, Nancy or Madeline. So far as kangaroo sex goes, that bloody tail would get in the way, there is a good reason why a macropod’s dick has 2 x 90 degree bends in them. Think about the mechanics involved! Sorta like an American car fitted half with metric nuts and bolts and half with Whitworth.


        • Aussie, American cars are fitted with both (fucking) metric and standard, which I think you stated as “Whitworth” what ever the fluck that means… here inch increment hardware and tools are called standard, which the fucking world to change back to, fucking metric retards


          • Whatsamatta Cederq? Still looking for your 10mm socket? I think that Yank car makers use SAE spec fasteners, no? Whitworth is that weird thread size that the Pommy Bastards (standard Aussie description of Englishmen, and English cricketers especially- who are all poofters) invented. Ask Phil about the nuts ‘n bolts on his demonic Sprite. I’m just fine with metric sizes, but those Jap bastards, every now and then, will slip in an imperial size just to fuck with you.


      • I like that, “Screwing the ‘roo.” Is that what you do Aussie Roo and why some of your comments are weird and you are fixated on the felon bitch?


        • You, the sick, sickest bulldog puppy, calling someone else weird? Why, thank you Cederq! I tried hard, gave up on a few, until I thought of that old hag, thought that’d make a Frankish pitbull bite, or gag! Re ‘roos, see my reply to Phil.


        • Re ‘roo meat, for human or animal consumption, is best and safest to be well cooked. It’s pretty healthy for you, ask any dingo. Not a shade on venison, but. I met a Kiwi wallaby farmer, when US animal lovers had ‘roo meat banned because “teh poor kangaroo is endangered”, he was able to sell you wallaby meat, at a premium rate, because it is a feral animal in NZ. Heaps more bloody grasshopper bastards in Australia now, since any point in history, because of 12-month access to bore water, a totally unnatural thing for macropods. The result, huge population booms that the country can’t support, followed by massive die-offs.


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