19 thoughts on “Your Feel Good Video Of The Day

  1. We’re all grinning from both of those

    This won’t make Ma or Pa Deathray happy to hear me say this, but I would have to kick a couple ribs in and then dance some on a their heads.
    Just saying.


    • While a person is on the ground, stomp down on a hip to break it or a knee, cripple them ass holes iffn’ ya gotta fight, take the fight out of them. Use the back of your elbow and head butts, two strongest bones in a human body is the elbow and a head. I am a nasty ass, dirty fighter, always have been, no weapon or body part is out of bounds.


      • I was taught to do a bouncer to the kneecap when they were trying to avoid your fist. Bring ’em to the ground, then “fall” on ’em, butt first. (it’s nicknamed “the ground pounder”). I have the weight to do some severe damage.
        “Sorry, Officer, I fell…”


  2. Just another gangster wannabe with a bloody lip HAAAHAHAHA BUUUWHAAA AHA AHA SNICKER CHORTAL…You better put some ice on that..BUUUUUUWHHHAAAAA AHA AHA


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  4. Don’t matter, black, white, brown, yellow, after the humiliating pound down proper use would have been to drag his sorry ass out of the bus, throw his sorry carcass in a face plant on the pavement, call the cops and have the little prick arrested for assault. Welcome the the life of crime assfuck! But having spent 3 tours in SE Asia, I can attest to the fact that his time in court would be a waste of taxpayers money and the courts time. Justice already been served….


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