9 thoughts on “Lemme See Here, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore And Most Of All, Washington D.C. Just For Starters

  1. I was just listening to the fuckwit Donks who have AG Barr on the hot seat
    over the federal agents enforcing the law in Portlandistan. How could anyone
    be so delusional as to dismiss the violence as a hoax? Their fucking grape
    Kool-Aid has to be laced with LSD! Do these superannuated paleo-communists
    nitwits even know what the Internet is or how easy it is to use it?

    No matter how the gods of the Internet are attempting to suppress this story,
    anyone with Internet access can see the nightly carnage that is taking place
    in blue cities. My first clue that the Internet was the great bullshit detector
    came with the forged National Guard document that the left tried to use
    to destroy W. It is now harder to maintain a hoax when everyone on the
    planet has a smartphone in their pockets.

    Little Green Footballs destroyed the National Guard memo in less than
    two days. First, veterans stated that the IBM ball type could not produce
    superscript or subscript character. Next, someone noticed the kerning
    used in proportionally spaced type required a 40 grand typesetter. Printer
    font designers got in on the act. One dude took the PDF of the memo and
    determined that the memo was produced on a box stock Mocrosloth Word
    processor. He typed the memo and printed the document on a transparent
    overlay. The PC did not exist, nor did the font in 1972, and all margins,
    headers, footers, etc. were a perfect match.

    You can feed the True Believers (As Eric Hoffer called them) a never-
    ending banquet of bullshit, but anyone else who is capable of spending
    a few minutes on Internet research cannot be fooled. (H/T to Honest
    Abe Lincoln)

    These idiots have no idea about how badly they are going to get their
    asses kicked in November!


    • Yeah, but Leonard, tell us straight, are ya gonna vote for paedo-Joe or not? If you vote as early, and as often, as the Dimmocraps do, Orange Man may get back in. When I was a little ankle-biter, I used to hear the oldies moaning about how Aussie was becoming the 51st state of the USA, but you bastards won’t let me in, let alone vote!


      • You guys from the Land Down Under are perfectly welcome to
        be our 51st state. We will call you South Alaska because you
        fuckers are hard fighting and independent just like the Alaskans!
        We will give you 2nd Amendment rights so you kill all the game
        and sheep shaggers you want or need!

        I lost all fucking respect for the Limeys when they took a pass on
        us in the Vietnam war, making the Diggers the only people who
        were with us in EVERY conflict in the 20th Century. I already
        know my choice for Governor of Australia (Kevin Bloody Wilson!)

        America’s (ALMOST) first Vice President (Sarah Palin) won me
        over when I found out that she could kill, gut, and dress Moose
        and Caribou. My favorite movie is a Town Like Alice because
        the female lead had bigger balls than liberal Minnenneal males
        (both the Bryan Brown and Peter Finch versions!)

        Let us draft Jenny Talia (Wilson’s daughter) to become the Minister
        of Sheila Affairs, and fuck the Abos who are becoming the Aussie
        version of the Crips and the Bloods and use the goat fuckers for
        chum while fishing for sharks!

        Did I offend anyone with my rant? If so, FUCK You pussies!

        My favorite Aussie Country singer (who knew there was such a
        thing?) is Becci Cole. The leftist cunts in Australia went ape
        shit when she sang for the Diggers in the kitty litter box that
        is the Middle East. Her response: FUCK YOU!

        Try not to cry when you watch this:


        • I’d probably be in gaol, either from an ATFE infraction or because of a 12gauge ‘salute’ to rioters. You blokes have great restraint, I havn’t heard of any citizens responding with actual gunfire against the hordes, apart from that AK-toter eating dirt in Austin.


    • Until LGF made a hard Leftist turn and went psycho, I was on them frequently as JAFLW (Just Another Four Letter Word). Had oodles of fun pointing out to sundry and all his GIF that showed the “original”, then faded to a Mickysoft Weird document that had been created only days or weeks earlier. Blew that Lamestream Media BS so hard you could hear the laughter from Washington State, where I live.

      Good times, good times.


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