6 thoughts on “I’m Thinking It’s Horse Shit

  1. There’s a Pathe short on this somewhere, that I remember seeing. There’s a long history of similar machines for adults, all of them problematic in one way or another. It’s why you can insure your kid’s life!


    • Unfuck, you’ve got good Austrian eyes there. I concur, and that does indeed look like a Cederq rolling rig too. The vintage is right also.


  2. My guess is horse or mule ‘hockey pucks’ – in the road and the clothing and background appears to be of Ye Olde Times.


  3. Kid gets made aware of shit in the road,,
    Looks at said shit, while being told
    Dont hit the shit,,Now focused only on the shit,, he rides right thru said shit..
    Target fixation,, It’ll Getchya,,
    Ever seen a hamster on a wheel, runnin hizzass off and just stop?
    Round and round he goes ,,
    Thats how those crazy things work if too much brake gets used,


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