What Democrats Really Want

0 Monies

“The €0 denomination issued for the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in a limited edition of 5,000 copies.”


Fuckin’ Commies, every damn one of ’em.

They are positive that Socialism will work this time if they just do it right.

10 thoughts on “What Democrats Really Want

  1. They should have commemorated his death instead.
    5000 copies? Just enough to wipe the ass of 1000 people.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. On paper, I am the wealthiest mother-fucker on the planet. I bought a 100
    trillion-dollar Zimbabwean banknote. I couldn’t buy a pack of chewing gum
    with that note. My favorite humorist (PJ O’Rourke) visited Nicaragua to
    report on the election where Violetta Chamorro beat Daniel “the communist”
    Ortega’s ass like a bongo Drum, he made a comment about their currency:
    “You had to take economics two or three times at the Patrice Lumumba
    School of Economics in Moscow to make currency worth this little.”



  3. An aside; the structure in the background is called, “The Black Gate,” (Porta Nigra” and is in Trier, Germany. 2000+ year old Roman fortification. I’ve got a 2000 year Anniversary beer mug from there somewhere around here….

    As far as Marx goes; there’s a REASON the denomination is zero….I can’t STAND communists.


  4. So, she & 4999 others spent money on a bill worth nothing, no buying power, yet will have a “value” later on. Yessiree!!! Capitalism is boss!!!!! That’s exactly what Carl said….no, wait, he wants to destroy capitalism. And the cronies of Marxism continue to engage & enjoy capitalism to the fullest. Someone take her iPhone away & send her to the gulag for “re-education”.


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