15 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure It’s Going To Be The Same Thing Over And Over

  1. I could sit there… show me your tits before I give you my sage advice. Be my luck Aussie would be sitting with me and fat lesbonian antipantie tank division shows up and really show us their tits…


    • What’s up with fat lesbians? I’d rather be up to me nuts in guts there, then be up to an elbow in HRC! That strain could’ve been what hurt your kidneys, you should report the DNC to workers comp.


    • Is it just me or does he remind you of a ankle biting chihuahua
      And, I think it’s time her comes clean and admits in his younger days he was spanking mankey to pictures of Cankeles.


      • Hey Death, I put a deal of thought into coming up with the vilest, perverse fictional job that a male nurse could have, given that I don’t have Cederq’s jobsheet to peruse, then I remembered the old joke: You think you’ve got a rotten job? Just remember, even Hillary needs a gynaecologist! Did I spell that wrong? Now you may think that ol’ Bill had the worst job of all, but I suspect that Chelsea is here courtesy of a discarded secretary/intern’s tissue and a turkey baster, sort of a kitchen-aid conception.


        • Re your late heeler bitch. You do realise that when you see blue heelers, cattle-dogs, quivering in their sleep, they aren’t dreaming of chasing rabbits. Their atavistic dreams are of running with their dingo* forebears, pulling down a big red ‘roo, dodging those eviscerating toe-claws on old man ‘roo. *the Indian plains wolf, brought to the mainland continent by the aborigines when they left that sub-continental area.


          • The big red kangaroos, and even the lighter-bodied eastern grey ‘roos, don’t just stand to fight and use their huge tail to propel forward, scything with their claws at the end of all that liquid-steel muscular leg, they use another trick too. If any standing water, a billabong, or a creek is nearby, they’ll lead dogs there eventually, tiring the pack out. The ‘roo takes position as deep in water as possible, when the first excited dog gets close, he pounces and grasping the dog with his muscular arms, simply bends down for a short while. Result, one quickly drowned dog, that was already puffed and heat stressed from the chase. A dingo pack gives it away, has a quick drink and heads off for easier prey. Dopey domestic dogs don’t learn too quick, several at a time end up as yabby food quick smart. The euro, or wallaroo, is usually limited to leg strikes, with it’s more compact build. Poor bloody wallabies only have their agility, and confusion sowed by their mob bounding in all directions. Don’t dick around with old man ‘roo, trying to pose for a touristy pic, if they don’t bound off too quickly. It’d ruin an outback holiday, trying to hold your guts in while driving hours for help. And that is just the cuddly ones, it’s the carnivorous bastards that you have to worry about. Too bloody right you do.


    • Even I couldn’t have concieved of that disgusting scenario. Maybe it happened to you in real life, and you’re still affected by the trauma inflicted on your vision by scores of les-be-friends with hefty-lefty suckbags, did you consider battery-acid eyewash?


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