53 thoughts on “I Figured It Out Eventually

    • Seven years working in two psych wards and at Oregon State Penitentiary Behavioral Unit I get it, not every thing is as it seems and a contradiction and topsy-turvy… then there is the patients and inmates.


      • DING DING DING! How did I miss your post? I worked for two years
        as a full-time graveyard shift orderly at a private sanitarium/nursing home.
        I also worked as a full-time swing shift cook at a restaurant over those
        two years. Everything learned about human nature I learned from the
        geezers and the nuts at Beverly Manor Sanitarium. I would not trade
        that for a Ph.D.


  1. So glad you reached that conclusion on your own.
    I’ve been trying to figure out a nice way of breaking the news to you.
    Your bride has all our sympathy.

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  2. A psych nurse once told me that there’s only one sure way to tell staff from patients: she showed me her ring of keys.
    And the only good thing I could say about drawing lab samples on morning rounds in the looney bin was that you got to see some great tattoos.


    • Yes, you are quite correct Greg! I always said I worked with sociopaths, psychopaths, anxiety disorders, Bi-Polar, schizoid-effective, true schizophrenics and then there were the patients. I was a nurse and Behavior specialist for seven, long years and then I couldn’t take it anymore and went into the other parts of the hospital and would not work in psych again. Thank the gods I had a key…


      • I was a 6-foot tall son of a bitch when I was 12. The scariest thing
        about working in a nut-house is dealing with a 5’4″ 140-pound male
        who flipped out in the dining hall. It took me, three other male
        orderlies, and Beverly Jane Thomas a 6’2″ beauty who grew up
        with 6 bothers to take him down!

        Two days earlier the fucker escaped and I jumped into a VW Beatle
        with a Hispanic faggot and found the runaway on Mission Blvd. in
        Robidoux CA. He attempted to walk away and I did a foot sweep
        and jumped on top of him just in time for 6’6″ Deputy to come along.
        The faggot orderly stood around with his thumb up his ass as the
        Deputy had to work for several minutes to get his handcuffed ass
        in the back seat of his cruiser.

        If he had gone off on me a few days earlier, the guy would have
        snapped my spine like a fucking twig! I learned to trust the happy
        pills because when they wore off, the nuts could do serious damage
        to the staff.


  3. Geeze Louise, the “hardest” stuff I take is Hydrochlorothiazide and/or Acetominiphin!

    Better living through medication, I guess…


  4. I don’t know about insane, but to tell the the truth, the more I read the news every morning the more agitated and prone to outbursts I am not to mention increased drinking.


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