Still Working Some Of The Kinks Out

Dual Fuel Is The Way To Go

At least you don’t have to worry about me starving to death.

16 thoughts on “Still Working Some Of The Kinks Out

  1. You know you’re not gonna get alot of sympathy with pictures we would all like to be sharing. Just saying from up North by Bellingham.


  2. Percolator? The whole set up is very old school. And yes I’ve got the complete kit with my camping supplies except I use propane.


  3. I’ve got an old, old Coleman three burner campstove that my Dad bought before I was born. Still works like new. (I’m 65)


  4. Gee Phil, I sorta expected a pic of your shot game roasting over an open fire, with you slicing off a slab of meat with your self-made pig-sticker.


  5. Totally agree. The gasoline burners are the best Coleman stoves. These days regular gas works just fine. You don’t have to go searching for that special , White gas…
    I keep gallons of the official Coleman fuel as part of my preps. Got stuff that is ten years old now and still works fine. As I rotate a gallon each year to test it. Keep in cool dark place and apparently the stuff will last a loooong time.
    Screw those propane ones…


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  7. Good to see you eating like a man. I use a perk on the stove, similar to that one. I don’t like the bitter coffee that “once and done” gives you. I like it to sput and mutter for about 10 minutes…. Good coffee…..

    Is that corned beef?? And a mess kit yet. Very well done. One pot meal, cleanup is quick. If we still had boy scouts, they would approve.


  8. It Doesn’t matter if by chance you were getting it all wrong …and you dont appear to be.
    As long as you learn something now.

    You’ve already done more than most.
    Your out DOING IT!!

    While others, pound the keyboard with there Dick Beaters.

    Enjoy and…
    Well done Sir!


  9. Only thing I’d do differently is substitute a small cast iron skillet for the mess kit and you’ll be much happier. Make a wooden trencher that the skillet fits in and you’ll be able to keep warm stuff warm and have all that wonderful cast iron goodness and not have to fuck around with stuff sticking to aluminum.

    If you’re backpacking, then the weight might matter. But if you’re backpacking you won’t be toting a gosh-darned Coleman gas stove, so…

    You know better. Cast iron is the only way to camp. Small dutch oven, small skillet, if you have room a large skillet and a large dutch oven. Useful on the stove or over hot coals in a classic keyhole fire (where you make a keyhole shape and burn wood in the big round portion and yank coals over to the shank portion and cook on that.

    Dad’s camping kit always contained two cast iron frying pans and a large dutch oven. And either an aluminum percolator or old school cowboy coffee pot. His camp kitchen boxes were 15″ x 15″ aluminum boxes (made from surplus aluminum from somewhere) with a plywood lid. Either set up on the tailgate of his Ford Falcon station wagon or used as seats around the fire (much more comfortable than the Mexican tripod stools he favored (which always made my balls hurt.)

    Man. Makes me wish I could go camping now. Except with a real chair and not those damned tripod ball killers.


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