Going Dark For A Couple Of Days Maybe

I am heading out on a little road trip for a couple of days and I have a suspicion that internet connectivity could be an issue so I am giving you a heads up in case the joint doesn’t get updated before I get back.

It’s supposed to get hotter than hell around these parts starting Sunday and I noticed a while back that my Caballero seemed to be running hot again.

Pretty much the same symptoms as when the fan clutch failed on me coming back from Idaho in 100 degree weather a few years back.

It runs hot when it’s hot outside but as soon as it cools down outside it runs at a normal temperature.

Even though the thing still looked almost new I took the bastard off and replaced it anyway because it was acting exactly the same way.

Most probably Chinesium I’m figuring and fan clutches are hard to diagnose.

For forty bucks I am going to trust my gut on it.

I’ll be finding out here shortly if that was it or if I have a thermostat acting up.

Where I am headed is only a little over an hour from here either way, it’s just far enough out that I’m not so sure about cell phone reception.

I’ll be packing some tools, extra water and some Cheeze Whiz style gasket maker in a can with me and if it keeps running hot then I will pull the thermostat. It has a new radiator in it that is only a couple years old and the belts are tight so I’m figuring it’s either one or the other. This run will at the very least either rule out the fan clutch or tell me I was right if it goes back to normal.

In the mean time I have a bunch of gear to gather up because I am going to be basically camped out.

This is a good thing. It has literally been years now since I have camped out so I have a bunch of untested gear I need to make sure works and I will be within just a few miles of civilization in case it doesn’t.

So I’ll see ya’s when I sees ya.


27 thoughts on “Going Dark For A Couple Of Days Maybe

  1. Good for you. Turn off your phone and put it in a metal box so NOBODY knows where you are. Don’t forget to pack your lead dispenser.


  2. Don’t go sissy and take a generator, DVD player, and a TV. Camp out the way
    God intended: Eat pork and beans and hotdogs and hit your fart sacks when
    you go to bed!


    • I second that – I had a Ford Taurus station wagon that all the vanes in the water pump corroded away, it wasn’t until I took the pump off when I finally found the problem!
      It would run cool/normal when moving at speed, but when I slowedc down/stopped it would overheat. Thermostat didn’t do squat.


  3. Hell Phil, if you’d just thrown the keys to Cedric, I mean Cederq, him and egorr, Deathray, Leonard and the rest of your regular crew would look after things just fine. When you got back, the garage would be spic ‘n span, all that junk gone to a good home! Of course there would be the angry neighbours to deal with, the bill for the hookers and booze, reports from the cops and firies, the EMTs will want their defibrillator back and well, the DEA getting all uptight about that white powder trace in the toolboxes. So, nothing a few emails wouldn’t fix, you do have connections after all, use them!


    • See now I know that you’re crazy
      Not that there’s much doubt Aussie

      As much as I enjoy the blog and all the ass busting
      I’m not in any way heading to that part of the world

      Only to bury some family and that’s debatable

      I’m in a good place. Got here before I knew who he was but, Old Remus was right. “Avoid Crowds.

      In the middle of just about nowhere, don’t see another person unless I choose to and my dog likes it that way.

      In closing,don’t volunteer me for anything
      Just getting done some construction and now have a great place for company to stay should anyone ever think about coming to visit but, took me a lifetime to get here and I’m not leaving voluntarily.


  4. Had an Econoline van that overheated only in hot weather. Our local genius mechanic checked it out and the first thing he did was test the pressure on the radiator cap. Zilch! And it’s supposed to operate at 12-15 lbs. New radiator cap: cheapest auto repair job I’ve ever seen.
    Have a great getaway Phil.


  5. Unplugging from the internet for a while is good for your health.. mental and physical. And test driving equipment that may be needed in the future is a plus.


  6. Happy trails Phil My 80 year old friend has been tooling around the USA on his motorcycle for
    4-5 weeks now. CA, CO, AZ, NM etc. Started in SC. Amazing.


  7. I went grocery shopping today, without a mask, everyone in the store ignored me except for one karen, who was literally scared to walk past me in the aisle because I wasn’t wearing a mask, she actually told me she was scared, I just looked at her. After about 20 seconds she looked at the floor and scurried past me like a mouse. Idiot bitch loser.


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