One For The Regulars

I believe we were just talking about this kind of evil shit the other day.

I haven’t been able to get a good look at the Perp but it is a female. If it’s a sister then I can see the normal amount of evil expected from one. If it’s the Mom then we are talking a whole nuther level.

Either way, this is a good one.


Fart Bomb

14 thoughts on “One For The Regulars

  1. When my baby sister had a bad dream, she would crawl into bed her big
    brother. At 5 years old, I thought I needed to break her of that habit. If
    you guessed what came next, you’re right. Yanked the covers over her
    head and let er rip! I was shocked to learn that she could cuss like a
    drunken sailor at the age of five.


  2. I would have turned it into a teaching moment. I would have said, “Now calm down and THINK of how you would escape!” (Hint: seams)
    Let ’em stew for a while…


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