It Seems Portland Mayor Wheeler Isn’t Universally Loved Like He Thought He Was

It appears Ol’ Mayor Ted decided to go watch ANTIFA set a few fires at the Portland Justice Center in person and bask in the glow of the admiration of the punks he has protected for years last night.

He was richly rewarded by getting hit with CS gas for his trouble while standing in the middle of a crowd, decided that maybe it wasn’t all fun and games like he thought it was after all and tried to bail out while being protected by no less than five bodyguards.

This seems to have discouraged some of his precious minions and they turned on him like the blood thirsty jackals they are.

They started yelling coward at him and a few water bottles somehow got airborne also.

I guess it’s true, animals really can smell fear.


I am hoping against hope that this will turn out to be this motherfucker’s Waterloo.

Even God hates cowards.






11 thoughts on “It Seems Portland Mayor Wheeler Isn’t Universally Loved Like He Thought He Was

  1. Like I said, the monster they created is out of control. Now these “leaders” will all be jockeying for position and throwing each other under the bus in hopes they are eaten last.


    • I agree. Unlike the radical left in the 60s who knew they were
      selling BS, the new-new left has swallowed their own bullshit.
      After selling America political correctness, multiculturalism,
      and tolerance for decades they unmasked their true selves.
      And what was under the mask? Stalinism.

      They first started eating their own big-time with the #Metoo
      movement. You gotta hand it to the idiot who in the name
      of feminism, called it pound me too. When Project Veritas
      taped a high-level Bernie staffer calling for Trump supporters
      to be sent to gulags, I knew Stalinist purges would eventually

      The Chaz fiasco was inevitable. Just like Stalin or Hussien,
      they started seeing enemies everywhere. Any person that
      was a thread (real or imagined) was taken out. Paranoia
      and dictatorship go hand in hand.

      See the classic Twilight Zone episode where Peter Falk
      played a Latin American dictator. It happens every time
      absolute power is put in the hands of one man. It is
      basic psychology.


  2. I’m of the opinion that someone should be selling them very lethal weapons, in all these demorat cities. Let them eat each other then go in and exterminate them.

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  3. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.” Sir Winston Churchill, Reader’s Digest, December 1954


  4. I’m half a world away, but can tell that you can’t kneel enough to suit sharks sensing blood in the water. Mixed metaphor.


  5. These cities lost the battle the very night that the police were told to “stand down” despite the “peaceful protesters” looting, destroying private and public property and attempting to burn down the center of the city. That should have been stopped in its tracks with lethal force, if necessary. There’s nothing like a crack to the skull to wake someone up to the fact that they might not be acting in their or their city’s best interest.

    Never, ever let the mob gain the upper hand or have their way. The mob needs to taught, ’cause they sure as shit haven’t learned, that actions have consequences.


  6. I’ve read he deliberately positioned himself to get a whiff of the gas, so he could claim victim-hood from the “evil Trump”. If so, he wouldn’t be the first a politician deliberately trying to get a reaction (Example: John Lewis walking thru a crowd, and then lying about the N-word) so he could claim he was a victim.


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