The Gatekeepers Are Panicked Because They Are Losing Control Of The Narrative

Like it or not, the Qanon phenomenon that has now been around since October of 2017 has grown and gone world wide.

One of their stated aims is to counter the official propaganda networks known as the Main Stream Media and their proven tendencies to lie about, obfuscate, twist or even ignore what passes for news going on in the world.

These anonymous people dig through the wreckage of the internet and uncover hidden webs of interconnected  people with influence and the dirty deeds they do that the MSM is desperate to keep hidden.

These anonymous people are also represented by some serious conspiracy theorists and the occasional crackpot.

Sometimes they uncover some amazing things that TPTB would much rather stay hidden and sometimes they target people with concerted internet hit pieces they think are either part of the conspiracy, hiding illegal acts or whom they believe are part of some Satanic cult who kill and eat babies.

They are like everything else in this world, a cross section of what passes for modern society representing one side of a multi faceted and very complex total.

The fact remains above all else that these people are very good at rooting out information that has been intentionally buried and spreading that information across the globe.

This causes TPTB and their lackeys in the media no end of heart burn as they much prefer their own methods of spoon feeding their own preferred agenda.

Which is why anyone with a truly functional intellect despises the MSM and can see right through their propaganda without even consciously thinking about it anymore.

If it’s on the news it’s only there because someone in power wants it to be and more likely than not, it is skewed and twisted to fit a particular narrative.

Unfortunately for these people, this Qanon movement has gotten quite good at countering all this intentional bullshit and they have been waging their own war against it on multiple fronts.

It has caused TPTB so much grief in the past that they have orchestrated actual campaigns to silence this group of outcasts and misfits, going so far as to have over 2.500 negative articles published against a bunch of “conspiracy theorists”.

They have also had them deplatformed multiple times trying to shut them up.

The last attack was fairly successful as they convinced the companies that owned the internet servers to cancel their services on the website the Qanon people were using and it took 3 months for them to find another website to gather at.

In the mean time these people all searched for and found each other on other sites and kept the fight going until they could all muster back at one place.

During almost all of this 3 plus year timeline, these Qanon people have been dropping Red Pills on the public and attacking the censorship of Twitter, by using Twitter.

Twitter has responded to this multiple thousands of times by black listing people, shadow banning them, cancelling their accounts and now has fired a broad side by deleting over SEVEN THOUSAND ACCOUNTS related to Q and Qanon IN ONE DAY and even going so far as to actually banning anything even remotely related to Q or the Qanon movement.

This begs a question.

Maybe a couple even.

What the hell are they so afraid of if , as they claim, that Q and the Qanon people are all just a LARP?

Twitter is claiming that the Qanons are inciting potential violence.

Allow me to show you what is at the top of their page, every day.

“We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.”

Anyone who condones violence is vehemently rejected and even reported to the proper authorities if it is serious enough so this all goes back to why there is the perception of violence associated with the Qanons.

This leads us back to the Christchurch massacre a couple of years ago when the alleged perpetrator posted a manifesto on the Qanon site just before the alleged slaughter took place.

EVEN THOUGH HE WAS IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO THE AUTHORITIES, it happened so quickly afterwards that there was literally nothing anyone could have done to stop it.

There was an uproar created over this that was fueled by TPTB and the stink remains to this day.

What no one ever mentions or acknowledges is that the perpetrator LIVE STREAMED the massacre on Facebook and nobody went nuts and tried to have Facebook shutdown over it.

Look at that in hindsight and come to your own conclusions.

So given all of this information,  what is it that Twitter is so afraid of that they are taking these extreme measures?

Their control over the narrative is being eroded.

Plain and simple.

And it scares them to their core.

26 thoughts on “The Gatekeepers Are Panicked Because They Are Losing Control Of The Narrative

  1. I don’t even bother with the mass media anymore. I saw Facebook and Twitter for what they were the second they went mainstream and quickly deleted my accounts and went to Gab.

    We seriously need new leaders. The nutters we have now are running the country into the dirt. If it continues, some necks will need to be stretched and soon…


  2. Gee Phil, that was an excellent introduction to the issue of thought control of the masses, using the power of the insidious MSM. A prostitute lays down for money (as fairly honest work), while the presstitute lies to you for money, from their masters in the PTB. I’m changing my handle again! Aussie John.


      • Vegimite on toast is a gourmets’ delight. Try a bit added to the pan when making home gravy. Eat enough jars of it, you’d grow a new kidney from all the vitamins.


        • Deathray, if old Cederq is a Frenchie pitbull, are you a husky? Watch out for them Polar bears, and their Bear Livers Matter cuzs, the Grizzlies. Oh crap. Hey, Bundaberg Rum brand mascots are Polar bears, which really makes sense, if the bears lived in the sugar canefields.


      • Phil practically handed it to me! Probably a good tactic to keep the enemy guessing anyway. And Cederq, I’m hoping those underdacks aren’t frilly lace pickups from Hillary’s dirty laundry bin? Not that you can’t play your fandom games, as is your wont, but remember the fate of many who took upon themselves the risk of airing Hill ‘n Bill’s dirty laundry!


  3. This post is an impressive piece Phil. Concise, clear, and elegantly stated. Thank you.
    I’ve been reading since I discovered the internet that it intentionally treats censorship as damage and routes around it. I hope that can continue to be the case. The MSM narrative is coming apart, and the more exposed they get, the more desperate and dangerous they will be. Keep your situational awareness in condition orange folks, this won’t end anytime soon.
    p.s. I don’t know about Vegemite, but I did buy a jar of Marmite a while back because I read that the Limeys are nuts about it. I haven’t worked up the nerve to try it yet.


    • Cederq put the bite on Chelsea once. She refused him, but said Marmite! The Pommie Marmite is made from an unmentionable, in a land where the inhabitants bathe once a month, whether they need it or not. On the other hand, Vegimite is a yeast extract, a health food and natural sexual attractant to women, so offering little to interest Yank blokes. Aussies don’t need it to attract supermodels, but have develope a taste for it on toast!


    • The Brits eat Greaseydick if I have spelled it right, hell I don’t know, I ain’t a friggen Brit, so Aussies eat Vegemite and eat a unknown subsistence called Marmite, no wonders they almost lost WW2…


      • Marmite is British, the other you speak of is a dish called ‘spotted dick’. I’ve never been to the Republic of Pommystan, and don’t intend to eat something that sounds as if a Frenchie pitbull could reach up to bite during those Pantifa parties. The quote about WWII cannot be contradicted, and Australia has been repaying the spilt blood since, in places like Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The last one was a revisit after WWI and WWII for young diggers, but I don’t think they were very welcome.


  4. “Imagine telling a bunch of anons who have followed a coded intelligence puzzle that uses socratic method to teach, that you’re going to permanently suspend them.


    Good luck, Twitter.”


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