22 thoughts on “I Love It

  1. Many years ago we’ve had a yearly event by the name of “Weltspartag”. On this certain day all kids went with their parents to a bank to deposit their savings (piggybank) on a savings book. For this they collected some trinkets handed out by the bank.
    Once, I “accidentally” dropped such a torpedo when I was waiting in line in front of the cashier.
    The ladies couldn’t hold back a shocked scream. Man! THAT was funny!!


    • We upped the ante one night. The bartender was in the back room, a lookout kept me safe. I took one of those sulfur vials ( they are at the Halloween stores ) and put it under the toilet seat in the women’s room. The bartender went in a couple of minutes later. The whole place was rollin’.


  2. Found an old box up in the rafters full of Auto Trix Car Bombs. Remember them, you hooked the wires to the + ignition coil & grounded the other, when the car is started it would smoke & whistle & raise all kinds of hell. These things have been hidden for at least 30 yrs. Now who’s car am I going to test them on?


  3. PS I forgot to mention the toilet seat gag. The guy running the parts department
    at a Millwright service, I worked for was such a compulsive that if his desk Drawer
    ajar, he would pitch a hissy fit. Naturally, I fucked with him. I would open it
    a crack every morning. One day, I decided to up my game a bit. I took an
    ammonium sulfide stink bomb taped to the back of the drawer slide. Dude
    comes to work and slams the drawer closed. The office was just large enough
    to fit two desks and a few file cabinets.

    The dumb fuck ran to a bathroom and grabbed a can of air freshener. BAD MOVE!
    It made it worse. Those glass vialed stink bombs are a hoot. I once used one
    in a coctail lounge at a bowling alley because the Regge band they hired
    offended my ears. The lounge emptied out and one old lady playing league
    said “look at that, they’re so bad they’re driving people out!” It was hard to
    keep a straight face when she said that!


  4. replace pop it with fast food catsup packet
    point the slightly ripped end toward middle.
    several former co-workers thought they were bleeding


  5. Ironic seeing this post!
    Was just talking to fellow (escaped), long time factory slave. I know his prior site was a pretty toxic atmosphere… He commented on a regular stunt there, which I had not heard prior! Gosh, just when I thought I knew all the dirty tricks!?
    It IS the condiment package under the toilet seat, however, those assholes were placing the hottest hotsauce they could get at.
    Some pointed INto the toilet, on the chance to burn someones dangling bits. Others went for the sure hit, pointed fwd outside, going for exposed calves, back of knee, ankles in the pant leg…
    Such nice coworkers!
    Anyhoooo… Party ON!


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