Someone Has A New Personal Best That Is Going To Be Hard To Beat

They are also currently looking for a new car insurance policy.

Personal Best

17 thoughts on “Someone Has A New Personal Best That Is Going To Be Hard To Beat

    • Hey Cederq the nurse, a question for you. I’ve had angiograms and angioplasties, I much prefer if they go in through the wrist. How come every damn time now when I go into the hospital, the first thing the nurse says is “Okay, I’ll have to shave your groin now.”? If you protest that you’re in for a back or knee operation, they say “Oh dear, but there could be complications!” Now I am handsome (so these nursies say), but I’m generally not at my best presentation, or mood right then. BTW, we Aussie blokes only suffer ogling from wimmen nurses, not no faggy male ones.


      • In an emergency situation, the femoral artery is easy to get to and the docs can put a LOT of fluids in you very rapidly.
        Get your mind out of the gutter and back in the sink, lad.


        • I can’t help it, it’s due to my disability: from reading Cederq’s comments. Back on topic, any modification helps a Generic Motors Chubby.


        • egorr, the brachial artery is better suited for large infusions of fluids with a large bore intravenous catheter much like a 14G, you can use a RIC Line (Sheath Intraducer) or a Central Line, your choice…


      • Are you calling me faggy male now? You have no shame Aussie! Every area and hospital and doctors have their preferences and while they go through the wrist (Only way I let them now) is in case they need access to a large portal, such as your femoral artery which feeds directly from your aorta which in turn directly into the cardiac arteries. Could be any reason, your angio probe broke, or a blockage too large to handle through the wrist. We here in the states normally don’t shave the groin anymore, it really doesn’t offer much protection from pathogens and can actually introduce pathogens from all the small nicks and cuts from shaving, much like your face. Or the nurses just want to look at your junk and can do it professionally and not get into trouble.


        • Nah, I wouldn’t insult you like that, I apologise Cederq. Maybe it was sleep deprivation doing the text? If I insult you, I’ll need to try harder, maybe when you’re better. As for looking at my ‘junk’, all I’ve heard from them is a mumbled “Aww damn, is that all?”, while they squint their eyes to see.


  1. If that dealer plays his cards right he’ll make out on the deal – cut the price of sales and repairs and make up the difference in volume.

    Years ago there was a freak hailstorm in So. Cal, and the cars on the display lot got dinged up a bit. The dealer announced a weekend damage sale, and business was so good he had his service crew take ball peen hammers to the undamaged cars in the back inventory lot.


      • If they were Dodges they would have been burnt in place and a large pit dug and pushed into it and the hole covered and forgotten about for all times.


        • Oh that’s it, you don’t get away with badmouthing Dodge! Don’t you know the power of the Pentastar? Jesus Chrystler will Hemi you to hell for that. I’m gonna have to go polish my Valiant badges now.


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