Briggs And Stratton Files For Bankruptcy

Sad, sad news. I bet there are millions of their little iconic gas engines out there somewhere.

They were in business for 112 years.

I’ll let 805Roadking  tell you about it. You should watch this just to see part of his collection and yes, he did mate 4 B&S engine cases and crankshafts together to make a running Inline 4 cylinder engine.

I think he said it best with this line,

“There’s not a guy out there watching my channel who hasn’t touched a Briggs and Stratton Engine”.

Amen to that.

They will probably reorganize but the die has been cast.


22 thoughts on “Briggs And Stratton Files For Bankruptcy

  1. Hopefully some smart individual will get all the spare parts and keep us running. I had to find a place for parts when McCulloch went under. Still got my late 50’s and early 60’s saws running like a champ.


  2. Briggs engines were the most easily repaired and were not fussy about things like compression, ignition timing, fuel flow and even oil reserves. I cut my teeth on them and still overhaul them today. Sorry to hear they’re going under.
    My brother and I shared a mini-bike back in the day with a 5hp Tecumseh, that broke down nearly every week, popping the condenser. We replaced it with a 5hp Briggs, and our lives were fulfilled. It never ever broke down, and we rode the hell out of it.


  3. I never had the pleasure of working on a B&S engine. My father’s compressor
    shop also rebuilt Essick and Thompson plaster and concrete mixers, and
    plaster pumps. Most of them were powered by Wisconsin or Kohler small
    industrial engines. It was a lot of fun rebuilding these engines because they
    were simple and easy!

    It was a LOT easier than rebuilding a 20+ foot-long straight 6 that weighed in
    at over 90,000 pounds.


      • It was an en bloc engine-driven compressor. The company I
        worked for bought enough parts to build a replacement for
        a unit at a nearby refinery in house and while one crew was
        tearing out the old unit, we built one in our shop. Picture a
        straight-six with three crossheads sticking out of one side.
        Between the three crossheads, there were two 22″ scavenging
        air cylinders (basically a piston version of a supercharger.)

        Over the three weeks, I worked in the shop, I worked 84, 86,
        and 92 hours a week (my personal best.) It was the biggest
        project I ever worked on. The third week involved aligning
        the engine to benchmarks on columns with my brand new
        Aimpoint LASER level. (fuck string lines)

        I was mostly involved in installing the power cylinders, the
        scavenging air cylinders, and installing the crosshead and
        setting the crosshead shoe clearances. We finished the
        job just in time for the dickheads at the California Air
        Resources Board to ban the use of industrial engines.

        The only silver lining in this clusterfuck was that we did
        a lot of work ripping out the power cylinders and replacing
        them with big-ass AC Synchronous motors. Here is a
        photo of the backside of a Clark HRA engine:


  4. All the way back in Middle School in the early 80’s. One of the rotating classes that every 7th grade student had to take involved breaking down and rebuilding a B&S engine. Before we could touch it, we had to draw ( I sucked at that) how the valves and pistons worked. Yes, we were a small, very rural school.


  5. Chapter 11 is essentially a “business reorganization” plan, not a liquidation. KPS, the company that makes — among other things — my golf clubs (TaylorMade) is in line to take over Briggs and retire the debt.

    It might not be hopeless after all.


  6. I have to be the sour one here. I grew up near one of B&S’s plants. Half of the people who actually ran the place were people on work release or the child support program. They turned down a military veteran for a job but they hired a guy who snorted cocaine off of the break room table. I knew the safety guy and one of the plant bigwigs. Management was okay but they mickey moused their way into a early grave, (at least at that plant).


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  8. Phil, not entirely off topic. Last time I went under for a (laminectomy) operation, I awoke wearing a catheter in my old feller, a new experience to me, also the unisex mixed wards. When the surgical matron sussed it next day, she said it could be removed. I said that I’d pull it out myself, I got “Oh no, you won’t, this is a job for professionals!” With that, she turned to a probationary nurse (or she could have been a 14yo work experience girl from school) and instructed her in the details. I’m not sure, but something about hard-starting Briggs & Stratton mower engines must have been mentioned. OMFG, that little girl could pull-start a Jumbo jet! At least the ladies in the other beds had a chuckle to cheer them up. Your pal Cederq could probably confirm that nursie girls all giggle when some poor cranky old fart cops it.


  9. Nothing about Briggs the product, but I just read elsewhere about their board of directors giving five million dollars in retention bonuses to various executives. The $5m was given instead of paying a $6.7 million interest payment which was due triggering a 30 day grace period. This board reminds me of the NRA. No wonder they’re in trouble.

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  10. When the hell are these dumbass corporations gonna wise up. It’s increasingly harder and harder to find ANYTHING made in the US. Companies going broke from slave labor built Chinese shit as well as importing parts made in chinkland and shipped here to be put together by illegal mexi-honduri-guatamali labor.
    China gonna say one of these days, nah, I don’t think we gonna trade with you anymore, and just like that, the entire US is shut down, defunct, then all the chinks gotta do is waltz in and use the US population as fertilizer, and they will….. You know damn good and well that’s whats going to happen…… Wake the fuck up people and start demanding stuff be made here even if you gotta pay another buck of two for it……… And the most important part, start getting in the faces of your so called “Representatives ” and demanding no more fucked up give away trade deals. Like trumps bogus bullshit USMCA and latest NAFTA fiascos that do nothing but play into the hands of the globalist takeover crowd………


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