24 thoughts on “Something Tells Me That Ain’t Pickle Juice

  1. It looks like supercooled water – water that has been cooled to below freezing but hasn’t undergone the phase change yet.

    The slightest bump or pressure wave will cause it to freeze, almost instantly. This phenomenon is what causes icing on a plane’s wing.

    Cool video! Pun intended.


      • Hey Unfuck, what is this ‘cool’ that is spoken of? Still 25C here in north Queensland, in the middle of winter. I checked the conversion for your French pitbull Cederq, that is 77F. Good for ogling European tourist girls, but the local ones all cover up, too cold!


          • Hah! Or maybe because they see me coming first? It doesn’t take long for Nordic, Celtic or Slavic immigrants to acclimatise to our warm weather, only to shiver if they return ‘home’ for a holiday.


            • Who the fuck wants to go to Australia? Nah, just kidding mate. To me Australia is a nuisance since we Austrians are being constantly confused with Australians. Sorry we‘ve got Mozart but no Kangaroos.


      • Sorry, wrong. It can do exactly what you see here. It wasn’t a pressure wave causing instant phase change, put the presence of something other than water being introduced to the solution. Saw this in a chem lab when you inserted a glass rod into the supercooled water. Instant popsicle! (Almost instant…)

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    • If that water was that super-cooled, wouldn’t he get cold burns on his hand? Why would a sane, normal person risk that? I have treated cold burns in the hospital, they are in most ways more damaging to tissue then a heat burn and more painful, as you develop 3rd degree burns you burn off nerve endings.


      • Yes, yes he would. Why? Because stupid is a way of life, apparently.

        Say hello to instant frostbite or instant freeze-burn, which is way more dangerous than a sun-burn.


  2. it is “Sodium Acetate Trihydrate” aka “Hot Ice”
    I cannot even entertain the idea of breaking heating packs open to put my hand in them


  3. PS I am old enough to remember the first go-around with the radical left. Our
    language has been corrupted since then. Barking Moonbats is not as instructive
    as the classic term, Lunatic Fringe:


    • An album from my early high school days – played it until the album was a dull grey and the sound was pretty much done.
      Lunatic Fringe written by Tom Cochrane. A tribute song to the legacy of Raoul Wallenburg, a Swedish diplomat during World War Two who hid and aided the escape of many Jews. I believe the Gestapo executed him for his efforts.
      Truly a song of still doing what is right when you have no one to trust.

      The next song on the album is Cowboys In Hong Kong. Good album for the day.


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