11 thoughts on “Looks Like Big Country Is Doing Some R&D On An Upgraded Flammenwurfer

    • I always liked T.R. Fehrenbach’s description of the effects of a fougasse in his Korean War history This Kind of War: A Study in Unpreparedness:

      “When exploded, the crude mine threw a mass of 3,000-degree Fahrenheit flame over an area ten by thirty yards long, with extremely salutary effects on any CCF who might be nearby.”

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      • See why I like foo gas! I was an Army MP and we had training in proper trenching and applications of foo gas and of course we got to light off our training exercises. Most impressive.


      • In artillery, we call that a sweep and zone.

        The little gem pictured is for when seriously want some obnoxious little f**kers to “GET OFF MY LAWN!!”

        It’s giving me a chubby, and I want half a dozen of them: one for each corner bunker on the perimeter wall, one for the front gate, and one to turret-mount on a milsurp AFV, with fuel and propellant tanks replacing the seating for embarked troops.

        If a V-100 with a steel boom is The Key To The City, that thing would be The Street Sweeper. Add a dozer blade to scrape off the debris, and any place you used it would clean as a whistle in about y minutes’ time.

        Trialling it in Portland would be a win-win.


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