12 thoughts on “Fake News Is Everywhere

      • That was an inside joke. I worked with what I call a mill geezer
        at a paper mill. He was an amiable dunce who learned his
        trade from other hammer mechanics. After I first started working
        there I noticed that he praised his father in law a lot. “My fadder in
        law was a great man.” I later learned that his father in law was
        Andreja Artucovich, a notorious Croatian war criminal. The
        Ustasi government copied the Nazi model down to the goose
        stepping, the uniforms, and the earlap helmets.

        Daddy in law was the transportation minister. The Croatians
        killed about 800,000 Jews, Serbians, and Gypsies. They
        had one death camp, and they did most of their killing the
        old fashioned way. The Commandant at Jasenovac was
        a Jesuit priest who once slit 1,000 throats in a single day.

        Stupid people are easy to manipulate, so I played a little
        game on the geezer. When he came back from a vacation,
        I gave him the cold shoulder. About a week in, He asked me
        if I was Jewish. I said, yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Jew.
        I put an Israeli flag on my gang box, bought a sound-activated
        dancing Rabbi doll that played Havana Gila, and offered to
        show him my circumcised dick!

        I have littered Fakebook memes like this.


        • So, did he take you up on you showing his dick or did he steal your dancing Rabbi? Mine was kinda the same, I went to Bosnia when I was in the Army and any place needed carpet bombing and a hundred MOABs that was it.


          • The world would thank us if we dropped a nuke on the Balkans.
            Imagine a mix of Muzzies, Christians, communists, Nazis, and
            a menagerie of ethnic groups. These fuckers have been fighting
            wars for 500+ years.

            PS I did not show the old fart my dick! He declined my offer but
            I can assure you that the old man was too stupid to know that
            even the Goyem in America got the “unkind cut!”


    • P.S. – I LOVE those unprotected busbars right next to him. Looks like they carry a considerable current. Let’s watch him use the open-ended wrench to “tighten” those insulator nuts.
      Now, THAT would be worth the price of admission. Just like those bozos that climb the electric trams and reach up and touch the overhead power wires…


      • I attended an 8-hour arc flash seminar. If that bus was hot, he
        would be a lump of ash! Superheated Copper Oxide coming at
        you at thousands of miles an hour will ruin your whole day!


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