Any Landing You Can Walk Away From, Right?

Something tells me this one hurt the pocket book more than anything else.

I love it that you can literally see his OH SHIT! moment.


21 thoughts on “Any Landing You Can Walk Away From, Right?

  1. Back in ’76, in Lompoc, CA there was a hang glider school. When I went there to learn how to hang glide, they taught us, “Never go higher than you are willing to fall.” I didn’t go back (for a number of reasons I had no control over).

    Now, mind you, I was skydiving back in ’68-’69, but for some reason that phrase turned me off of hang gliding. Not flying, just hang gliding. Funny, that.


        • Well B, it is none of your damn business but I do have an expired Gliders Pilot License and was transiting into powered Private pilot . When I was diagnosed with MS. FAA frowns on pilots that may pass out in flight. I had over 300 hours in sailplanes and was ready to solo in powered aircraft. Does that answer your question?


            • Naaa, just some people think they are clever, if he cared to look over egorr’s and my exchange he would kinda get an idea we jack each other and it was in fun, egorr wasn’t pissed if he has read it yet, he may be cutting branches or weed eating at a empty campground…


              • Oh, so it comes out in the wash, you and Egorr “jack each other”, and yet you besmirch my interest in HRC! Looking at her (shudder), Feinstein and Pelosi, is it a some sorta rule that Democrap shielas have to be so fugly? Before you say so, I’ll admit that ex-PM Julia Gillard is another ugly leftie.


                • Leftism equals butt fucking ugly sheilas!! lol, I think they get into liberalism and leftism is because the cute jock quarterback in high school refused to fuck them… Of course I did, easy pussy! But I would never date them or get serious or “fall in love” with them. just pump and dump. “Jack each other” has a much different meaning here, not that you would know that as you are in an upside down country…. {;^)~~~~


                  • “I’m jack of this shit.”, is the only relevant ockerism I can think of. I thought you maybe meant the Yank’s ‘jack-off’, which means you should have consulted Egorr before outing your relationship. I didn’t think the readers of Phil’s blog were ready for that! But now we know you are two straight manly blokes, that is cool. Re fugly pollie women, the three Kiwi female PMs: are they really fugly, or is Un Zid* the most ‘diverse’ country, having had 3 ugly shemales as head of state? *Kiwis transpose vowels, they think they’re saying En Zed. Though, at least they have the English language as a base, unlike Yanks using the Webster dialect.


          • The same question as to how far are you willing to fall applies in sailplanes, you stall or too high angle of attack on your turn and you fall, plane and all…


    • A possibility he was trying to land and got caught in a crosswind and blown into the *weeds*. Could also have run out of power, for MANY reasons. Either way, he felt it the next morning!


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