You Only Have To Buy It Once


Unfortunately I have had to buy several over the years.

They wound up getting “Borrowed” and never returned or missing in action after a break up.

The last one I bought was the biggest one they sell.

It has been “Borrowed” and I had to resort to making vague threats of severe bodily harm to get it back after a lengthy period of time but I did finally get it back.  A little worse for wear on the outside but it still works as good as the day I bought it five years ago.

Once in a while you can pick them up at yard sales and places like that pretty cheap.

Well worth the investment no matter how you get one.

Just get one if you don’t already have one.

They can be very nice to have when you need them.

15 thoughts on “You Only Have To Buy It Once

  1. My last medium sized one got dropped so many times, the bottom was deformed and it would sit upright anymore. Wouldn’t you know it, they don’t make those anymore that I can find. New ones (made in China) have some effed-up easy pour spout that dribbles coffee all over my desk despite being sold as easy pour no spills.

    Still looking for a good replacement. I had the biggest one, but sold it in a garage sale. Just never quite needed that much coffee.


  2. Pre 9/11, I bought one to take with me on a flight to work a refinery shutdown in
    Anacortes Island WA. These were made to last just like traditional Coleman
    ice chests. These days, all you can get are cheap Chink knock-offs. I at least
    got to sup coffee all the way to Washington State before they were replaced
    by junk! What the fuck happened to these things?


  3. As featured in the movie, “The Accountant.” Pretty good movie even though it stars Ben Affleck. He supposedly hit a guard with it although it’s not shown on scene. Yeah I got one at an estate auction for next to nothing. New China one about $14 at Chinamart.


  4. coleman lanterns, too. The older ones are better. And oil lamps. I have a small collection of oil lamps and lanterns. Pre-China is always better. Dietz lanterns suck now. too. You feel like you’re taking your life in your hands to use those. Those old Depression-era table lamps are great.

    Tools are the same way. I get something from Home Despot and it falls apart in one or two uses, while my antique stuff is still chugging along. I got some of my granddad’s tools, my dad’s tools, and I’m building up a collection of other people’s granddad’s tools, too. I’ve been hitting local garage sales, estate sales, and local auctions. It almost makes you sad when you compare it to the modern stuff we get today. It’s a shame nobody will ever want what we make and use now. They’ll just jump to anything 100 years and older for quality.


    • So true, my father was a fan of SK tools, something you could
      buy off the shelf at Harbor Freight not that long ago. I’ll buy tools
      made in Taiwan or Japan because their build quality is much
      better than the shit the heathen Chinee produces.


  5. Oh, and Stanley has awesome customer service, too. If you lose the O-ring to your thermos cuz’ your kid can’t stop messing with your things, they’ll send a free replacement. That was cool.


  6. Mine’s 40+ years old. Survived a 90′ fall to the steel bottom of an oil tanker, and never leaked. The only part I’ve ever replaced was the cup.


  7. Don’t know it they still carry the lifetime warranty, but I knew some loggers who abused that no end. If theirs got a little dinged up, they’d toss it under the track of a skidder and then send the roadkill back saying “it won’t hold heat any more”. Sure enough, they’d get a brand new one for the cost of the postage sending it in.
    Some of the better hardware stores carry replacement cups and caps–made my old beast as good as new.


  8. Thirty years ago, the girlfriend was looking to surprise me with a thermos. The part she misunderstood (stainless) was replaced with Fiberglass. How many stores they went to before coming back in defeat!
    Somebody had actually left a good steel one behind at the body shop because it was Orange over sprayed. Buffed that off.
    Still have both of them.


  9. I bought my Stanley in ’81, before they were made with handles. You could buy a strap-on plastic handle (quiet, you kids with the filthy minds in the back row), which I did and while I did lose the cup, the rest works as advertised.

    Also have a Uno-Vac brand, of about the same age, and I lost that cap also. Placed on its side, it dribbles a little around the cap and Stanley caps won’t interchange. But the lip makes it pour better in a moving vehicle, so I just don’t lay it on its side.


  10. I’ve got a 16 oz, all stainless Thermos brand version, that I bought back in the 70’s, after I dropped one of the glass insert types early one freezing cold morning climbing down the bank of a trout stream. The only trouble I’ve ever had with it is sometimes, if I screwed the stopper in too tight, the vacuum created as the coffee cooled would cause getting the stopper out a major project.


  11. I’ve got one my Dad bought when they first came out, early sixties I’d wager.
    It doesn’t have one scrid of paint on it, but the cup is still good.
    It actually still has the original cork stopper.
    I remember my Mom didn’t think that cork was very sanitary, and she’d put a piece of plastic wrap on it before putting it in.


  12. got my daddy’s unovac. not sure they still make them.
    mid 60’s mom filled it with hot coffee friday afternoon, just before we left for the weekend, and left it on the kitchen table. sunday evening when we got home, dad poured a steaming hot cup of coffee…had to wait a minute for it to cool to drinking temp.


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