Today’s Youths Have No Idea What They Are Missing

Plastic Lego’s on the floor?


I’ll see and you and raise you all in.

Try a half a dozen of these little babies while barefoot in the middle of the night.


I can still hear myself screaming.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Youths Have No Idea What They Are Missing

  1. The term LEGO is purportedly a Swedish acronym for chaotic carpet landmine.
    Unlike the tiddlywinks you have, LEGO is offered in many colors of which may be chosen to match the color of the floor.
    Primary deployment locations are as follows:
    -Next to valuable counter objects to grasp for on the way down;
    -The third step down from the top of a flight of stairs;
    -Three feet away from where the cat has puked a fur ball;
    -I am certain with some forethought, even more numerous locations may be chosen
    Special note:
    If you look really close on to the little round extensions of each piece, there are small letters which say “any side toward enemy.”


  2. It was mostly a girls game and with three younger sisters, more than once I
    wanted to strangle them for leaving them lying around!


  3. I always dreaded stepping on marbles. My sister was beyond the “ball-and-jack” stage, so we never had them laying in wait for you at night.

    But for some strange reason, marbles and BB’s were to be found in inconspicuous locations…..


  4. See, jacks are another instance of evil whiteness. Jacks are just the smaller, slightly safer version of caltrops, an ancient weapon thrown in the path of an attacking army or cavalry. No matter how they land, there’s always at least one long sharp spike sticking up. So we’re training our children to use and accept an older version of landmines, for fun. Evil whiteness. [ /snarkasm ]


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