Portland’s New Tourism Ad?

I found this from an anonymous poster so I can’t give the credit for the source but this is freakin’ awesome.

It sure doesn’t look like the Portland I used to live in anymore but I will give them huge props for putting plenty of poison in the sugar coating.

26 thoughts on “Portland’s New Tourism Ad?

  1. Ha, so you’ve both lived there.
    That explains it.

    Yup, I crack myself up.
    Glad you got out and,glad you’re here for me to pick on.


    • Phil too is from that area… and he lives right across the river from portland. We are all a little crazy, huh, egorr, dangerous crazy…


      • Our friend Phil is trapped

        Whatcha say us three mount a rescue operation
        Call in Dr. UnF to finance it and provide cover
        I’m sure we call call in Lennord and the Kiwi as weapons men and drivers.


        • I like the Kiwi, or should that be Wiki? he can be the driver, he is insane, he drives on the wrong side of the road so that will scare the crap out of the right sided drivers here…


          • I’m on the RIGHT side of the state, laddie. Not moving from here if I can help it, although N. Idaho is looking better and better thanks to the troglodytes in Olympia and Seattle.
            I’m looking at YOU, Dimslee…

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      • Cederq, re your missing 10mm socket: now I agree that, despite her being a serial killer, HRC deserves a gyno nurse too, that it is voluntary, unpaid fandom on your part is totally your business. Picture being already elbow-deep, a bit like the images from that Yorkshire vet series ‘All Creatures Great And Small’, if you will. Could not the socket piece have simply fallen from your pocket, and ‘plop’? I think you’d better schedule an X-ray for her, unless you’d rather search for it by feel? Better make sure she doesn’t go for an MRI, that 10mm socket may travel fast in a straight line to the electro-magnet!


        • Aussie John, you have this unhealthy attraction to our former first slut and secretary of send money state. I know they have mental health therapists down yonder and I would strongly suggest you seek help, you may be institutionalized, but it is for your own good, how I don’t know, you drink funny beer and eat vegeman sandwiches and have ostrich rodeos…


          • Cederq, you call my obsession an attraction!? And it’s not unhealthy, what is unhealthy is to have such a powerful crime syndicate get the idea that you have evidence against them! America truly is great, where else could a couple of third-rate shonky lawyers become so wealthy and powerful or so deadly? Please wear elbow length gloves in future, Phil doesn’t need her nether-cooties on his blog! Ostrich, wrong southern continent, are you thinking of the cassowary or an emu maybe? Hard to fit in an oven, but Aussie birds sure do have big drumsticks.


            • I don’t want any cooties on Phil’s board… and I watched a documentary of Australia many years ago and it had a ostrich rodeo in it. “cassowary or an emu maybe” I know those birds are endemic to your humble abode, I know the cassowary will kill or gut you if ya look at it cross-eyed, which Aussie drivers do anyway…


          • That is Vegemite, not vegeman, but it does make a man of you. Good for open cuts or gun grease. Funny beer?, well at least Aussie beer contains alcohol as an ingredient. Q., why is drinking American beer like having sex in a canoe? A., because they’re both fucking close to water!


            • I stand corrected in the name Vegemite… I was having an old farts oldhimers moment. I agree with the beer, I was in Perth and had a chance to get off ship for a few hours while it loaded fuel and supplies and drank you beer and yes, ours is like drinking soda pop. The same with German beer, and the Aussie beer I drank, it will put hair on your head and grow you a set of of balls


      • I have no interest in moving anywhere near a city, especially one like portland.

        I think I’ll just stay out in the country away from the insanity.


      • You are asking about my spelling of Seattle? yes, it’s a play on words for how the liberals have turned a good city into a backwater “don’t-visit-if you-can-avoid-doing-so”. Granted, some neighborhoods are still clean, but the onerous local gov’t position of “we-know-how-you should-live-and-think” negates that. The recent unpleasantness and how it was not dealt with by the city council is a prime example of the change.

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  3. I have been fighting the we are doomed crowd on the right for years. Here are
    few things that will cheer you guys up:

    Nike took a $790,000,000 hit in its last quarter and they are announcing
    layoffs soon.

    At the last NASCRAP race, Noose Boy (Bubba Wallace) was booed from the
    stands, and they cheered when wrecked his car. NASCRAP banned
    Confederate flags at their tracks, but the streets leading to the event were
    lined with Confederate flags.

    People across America are fighting back against these savages. It gets even
    better, inner-city blacks are getting in on the act. The Democrats have consigned
    them to live in violent gang-infested war zones for more than a half-century. (AKA
    the new Democrat plantation.) These people were consigned to live in these
    shit-holes for at least 6 decades. All that talk about defunding or abolishing
    the police is producing massive blowback. I just bought a shit-ton more
    popcorn to watch this all play out:

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      • Cedreq, my grand unified theory about politics being just as dynamic
        as economics began forming 3 decades ago. When most conservatives
        think South Central, Inglewood, Compton, or any other Democrat
        governed city they think street gangs, drug wars, etc. They do not
        see the silent majority of black blue-collar working-class schlubs like us.

        I worked with a lot of black coworkers who were pulling down 50 to
        90+k a year and most of them owned homes in these cities. These
        cities were once white middle-class suburbs, and if I had invested
        in a company that installed wrought iron window and door guards,
        I would be a multi-millionaire now. They already live in fucking
        war zones thanks to the Democrats.

        I took a day off to photograph a bicycle race a coworker sponsored
        before an MLK Day parade along the same route. On the way to
        the event, my buddy pointed to a hill and said, “this is where all
        the rich black people live. I replied, “yeah, but they are all drug
        dealers and pimps.” I did not even have to explain the comment.

        The people on the hill were the owners of soul food and chicken
        restaurants, the owners of tire and auto repair shops, barbeque
        joints, etc. There are thousands of black-owned businesses
        in these cities.

        The answer to the question I asked myself last night has yet to
        be answered: How will the working class and the business
        owners in the inner-cities react to defunding or abolishing
        the police? By revealing their true agenda, the Democrats
        are alienating every one of their primary voting blocs!

        I see a train wreck in November.

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