Getting Your Moneys Worth (Updated With A Schadenfruedenessly Timely Example)

This is the kind of shit that aggravates me to no end.

You can pay good money for absolute shit products or for just a few bucks more you can buy something that will last for a very long time.

This is a perfect example.


I am still wearing the leather belt I bought from a leather working stall at least seven years ago when me and my dad went to watch the lawnmower races up in Hockinson Wa.

Not long after I needed a new “Dress ” belt for some damn thing like a wedding or something so I went up to Fred Meyer or some place similar and bought a new leather belt to make The Wifely Unit happy.

That newer belt only got worn a few times and started ripping out at the holes just like that POS in the picture.

It cost me almost as much as the older and much better one.

I am about due for a new leather belt for everyday use.

It still works but I have punched a whole bunch of new holes in it over the years from losing and gaining weight and it’s starting to get ratty looking finally.

When you are as skinny as I am, five pounds is gaining a bunch of weight and it always collects right around my belly. Since I don’t have an ass to speak of, belts are a pretty important piece of must have every day equipment.

Otherwise my britches fall off of me, literally.

So what do you think the odds are that I am going to go back to some retail store and buy me a new belt for twenty or thirty dollars?


So after I posted this I went out in the garage and was messing around with that Sprite transmission some more.

After a bunch of that I got thirsty and decided a smoke break was in order also.

As I walked into the kitchen, lo and behold but what do I see?



An expensive leatherish belt of inferior quality sitting right on the kitchen counter.

Absolutely impeccable timing Junior.

It seems The Kid decided he needed a new belt.

I laughed out loud when I saw it. Then I went out back where he and his mother were shooting the shit and explained to him that I had literally just put up a post on this exact subject.

I also explained to him about what I had put in that post and told him if he had looked around and found a real leather belt that he could expect it to last fifteen or twenty years instead of the one or two he is going to get out of this one.

He listened but I’m betting it went in one ear and right out the other.

That’s OK too.

I bet he remembers that shit in a couple of years when he has to go buy another belt again.




33 thoughts on “Getting Your Moneys Worth (Updated With A Schadenfruedenessly Timely Example)

  1. Quality,, every old fart knows its the best answer,, FINDING it,, now,, theres a thing,,
    Last belt I got was from the Red Wing store.. Pricey,, maybe could have gotten one that suited me for less from the local Cowboy clothes store,, who knows,, but the gal at the Red Wing store,, well,, Thats where I went,,


  2. Try buying decent tools. L.S.-fucking-Starrett and company are outsourcing a good chunk of their product line. I have some Craftsmen wrenches I got from my Grandfather, I actually use them instead of my newer ones. The quality difference is noticeable.


  3. If you buy a belt at a retail establishment you should not be surprised when it falls apart. Find someone who makes them as a side gig.


  4. Salvage the buckle from your old belt, go to a decent leather seller and buy yourself a belt “strap” to fit the width of the buckle and reuse it on your new belt. Sew it by cutting a slot for the tongue of the buckle, gluing the end onto the belt and drilling holes with a drill press for the stitching.

    Youtube is your friend for learning how to saddle stitch. Use the inner cords from decent quality paracord and the belt will likely outlast you.

    Anything made in Pakistan or India will be crap due to their tanning processes and will drop apart in short order.


  5. I don’t normally wear a belt but I bought 2 pair of pants that needed help to stay up. I bought suspenders at Tractor Supply for about $10 for those pants. I’ve never had suspenders before but it feels great. No pressure on my waist or hips and no having to hitch my pants up


    • As things have gotten a little wierder out there the past couple of years, I find that I’m gravitating away from my pocket 9 back to my first love-the 1911.
      Ì got sick and tired a long time ago with even the small 9 pulling my pants sideways so I bought a couple of full on gun belts. Nothing fancy, just a black and a brown ,
      1 1/2″ x 1/4″ belt to haul the bigger gun.
      They do exactly what they are supposed to do and unless I lose them, I’ll never need another.
      Got them on sale for about $50 each.
      I bought from Bulhide Belt but there others.
      Bullhide Belts


  6. Suspenders ya skinny ass! I am not as skinny as you but have the tiny ass problem. I wear suspenders and a good quality belt I get from saddle-makers, You bring the buckle, they bring the stiff assed leather that will last and wear great.


  7. I’ve got one I bought back in the late 90’s at a dollar store. It still looks good and is holding up well. but I’ve bought a few newer ones that are super stiff and “cheap” made.


  8. Most commercial ‘leather’ belts are leather faced with ‘artificial leather’ in between the faces. Often the ‘artificial leather’ is nothing more than rubberized paper. Any strain will destroy the matrix and shred the center, and the leather is so thin it has no structural value at all. A special giveaway is lots of stitching on the belt.

    Real solid leather belts don’t need any edge stitching or anything else except a little trim. You should be able to see the grain of the leather as it’s exposed on the side.

    You can find solid leather belts at stores. Just check very carefully for any little tag or stamping that will tell you what is going on.

    Tandy Leather is online. So are other leather retailers. Make your own damned belt. And throw away most modern belt buckles as they are lower than chinesium in metal content. Again, Tandy Leather or another leather merchant.

    Or go to a saddlery or custom leather shop (like, oh, say, for bikers or real cowboys.) Or, as many have said, a good expensive gun belt.


  9. l don’t buy belts from places like Walmart or any of the common department stores. I find better
    quality at places like western wear stores and stores like Cal Ranch, Tractor Supply etc. that specialize in “country” supplies.


  10. I got my current belt at the Leather Outlet, in Lake George, NY. “Home of the World Famous TeePee”, It is 1 1/2 wide and a touch over 3/16 thick. They claim it is Amish made. Very stiff, even after about 4 years of daily wear. Works very well with my G22’s Serpa.

    Whitehall, VT


  11. Good one. A friend and I have had this exact conversation. We’d rather buy the good on once a decade or so than buy the cheaper, crappy one every two or three years.


  12. Many of the leather belts in the big box stores are made of the leather equivalent of fiberboard. Scraps of leather are ground into bits, mixed with an adhesive and then pressed together in a heated press. It’s usually labelled 100% leather which technically is.

    About five years ago I got pissed off with having to replace my belt again so I did some research and went to a leather crafts supply store and bought a buffalo hide belt that I expect will last another 20 years.


  13. Went shopping with Pretty Daughter to buy dress at fancy boutique shop. Dress (unlined haute coutre) for $485 and belt (from France) for $125. Holy Smackers on the dress, but the belt was solid leather 35mm by 5mm. Should last her her lifetime with some care. Dress about three wearings. She’s a Patent Attorney and wanted something for date night. Finding a man as smart as her (Summa grad engineering) is going to take some doing. She always goes shopping with me. When she was ten, we took her X-mass money to Sears and bought tools so she would have her own. She’s the only 25 year old female lawyer with a torque wrench and knows how to use it.



  14. I got a relatively fancy one as a present w/ a Harley belt buckle from a “infant” family member. 16 years later, I still have it but I had to punch new holes. On the other hand, the twenty dollar belts fell apart. I have ran through quite a few of them.

    Good call.


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