A Sign Of The Times

I had to stop at a stoplight over in SE Portland the other day when I got off of I-5 at the Division street exit going South on my way to get some smokes.

This corner is usually crawling with Homeless Pan Handlers standing there with their signs and their hands out.

Nobody there on this day but as I was waiting for the light I looked over at the side of the road and saw this.


A discarded face mask amongst the cigarette butts and other trash.

I was kind of surprised there weren’t a bunch of syringes laying there too.

Welcome to the new normal comrades.


11 thoughts on “A Sign Of The Times

  1. One might think that if masks really were important and this was all for your health, the .gov would have bio-hazard containers all over the place.

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    • Agree. Wife works at a doc’s office.They have to wear all the kit, all patients have to have masks, use the hand sanitizer etc. I asked her if masks etc are red bag medical waste. “No, why would they be?” It don’t make sense to me either. Nor does the lack of effective masks in the public hands at this point if they’re so darned necessary. Why isn’t 3M making 5 million of these simple bits of blown plastic foam every day? And 10 other American companies as well? Remember how we’re on a war footing and all that??


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