This Is Why They Put Warning Labels On Everything

It just makes me wonder how people this fucking stupid survive day to day.

The really sad part is this is what the kid is picking up from them so it’s only going to get worse generation to generation.


Sure, I have pulled up to the wrong side of the pump a hundred times, I used to test drive multiple cars of every make and model you could think of every day at work for years.

Ya damn right as soon as I figured it out I got back in the damn car and pulled around.

Hell, just finding the gas door release was a challenge in its self a lot of the time.

They used to put them fuckers all over the place.

The best part of the picture above?

Nowadays they even put a damn arrow on the gas gauge to let you know which side of the car the filler pipe is on!


That’s how fucking stupid that guy is.



17 thoughts on “This Is Why They Put Warning Labels On Everything

  1. my first car… now THAT was a challenge… 1979 Camaro with the filler/cap -BEHIND- the license plate… first time I went to fill up, I stood there walking back n forth on either side of the car looking lost (I was 16) til this crusty old dude rolled up and showed me where it was… the whole time muttering under his breath about “Damned kids these days…” must have been a forerunner to you Phil


    • 57 Chevies were behind the drivers side tail light. That one fucked me up but good until the owner showed me where it was. After he sat there watching me look for it and laughing his ass off.


      • In lubbock texas in the mid 1960’s i was helping at my brother in laws gas station. I had the exact same experience with the 57 chevy. i forget where some of the others were, some days it was like playing hide and seek looking for the gas caps.


      • I feel your pain; ’56 Chevy’s were hidden even better behind the taillight assembly. Turn latch at top, and the light assembly pivots down.


  2. “Nowadays they even put a damn arrow on the gas gauge to let you know which side of the car the filler pipe is on!”

    Yeah, well. So I was on this trip (which was not going very well). I go out to fill up the rental car tank while my traveling companion was doing whatever the hell it apparently takes her over an hour to do in the morning. The car had a vertical-gauge LCD display for gas, with nine little bars when the tank is full. The gas-tank arrow points to the middle of the display.

    We FINALLY get going and the first thing she says when I start the car up is, “I thought you were out filling up the car! Why is the tank only half full? [other accusatory bullshit redacted]” I was honestly confused. Turns out she thought the direction-arrow showed the LEVEL of gas in the tank. It was one of those no-win situations where every possible response would have started a fight.


  3. So I looked at the gas gauge in the post and thought “ha, that’s a good one. Nothing like a little self deprecating humor to keep it lite”. I was only seeing the gas needle and thought the author was trying to get us to guess his hair color! I went back to it and looked closer and duh there it was. My daddy always said ” the boy may be slow but he ain’t dumb”


  4. He should pull around to the other side of the gas pump. Just a simple U-turn. It will work better when he’s on the other side.


  5. There are far too many people like this in America. Phil’s analogy about the
    fuel gauge is spot on. Unfortunately, there is enough left in the emergency
    reserve to keep their brain stem functioning. Without that, all involuntary
    functions like heartbeat and breathing cease.

    This was not my fucking fault. When I was 12, I would hang out at a Shell
    station where my father worked as a mechanic. Sometimes would do some
    odd jobs like manning the pump, checking oil levels, etc. My dad and his
    coworkers decided to play a prank on my dumb ass. I was handed a can
    of gas and told to put it in a classic late 50s Caddilac. They were laughing
    their asses off when I tried looking for a fuel door on the fenders, under the
    rear license plate, etc. Sadistic assholes:

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      • Oh shit, I must have copied the wrong image. I think the Caddilac
        flipped up instead of down. WTF, I was only 12-years old. Now
        I do recall that other GM products also had this feature.

        Thanks for the correction crazyeighter!


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