8 thoughts on “Kids These Days

  1. Kid talks tough to the chained in officers. He would never survive basic after CS gas training… little bitch, cries like my two year old when told no. and then ass swatted after second no.


    • Off topic, but your and Phil’s mutual pal Unfuck, refers to the town of Brest in the travels mentioned on his blog. Not that you don’t see enough of them around north Queensland beaches and the Cairns esplanade, I’m sorta curious as to how a whole town’s population of wimmen folk look with their lung udders out, damn! Now Cederq, please keep HRC busy with your ‘therapuetic’ gyno sessions, nobody wants her letting those old dugs ‘out for a play’ on any beach in this world.


  2. He dun pok-ed the bar.

    Gosh, that was fun to watch… and listen to the BLM turd scream as well!! 🙂
    You’re dooin’ good, Phil, keep it up!


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