16 thoughts on “How To Make An Old Man’s Day

  1. Hey Phil, you better hope you don’t need a defibrillator now, I don’t think a battery charger will do the job. If your heart calms down, go check that the missus hasn’t upped your life insurance, then paid a young friend to ‘forget’ her knickers!


    • Strewth Cederq, a bloke in your condition shouldn’t be looking! A stroll along any of the beaches north of Cairns would reveal just too much flesh for Phil’s crew to take in without going blind.


      • Well, ya know you are part of Phil’s old tool nerd crew. Have you gone blind yet? My condition, iffn’ I die with a smile on my mug, it would be worth it.


        • Not quite blind yet. Hmm, do you reckon I’d get far if I fronted up at a strip club, with a white cane, and claimed that as part of ‘inclusiveness’, that I should be able to use the Braille method for a fuller experience?


  2. After being distracted for a few minutes, I noticed the background image. Is this
    a photo of tail and nose art? Not knowing for sure what that it is, it does look like it!


    • I am surprised you are still among the living Mr. Leonard, a sight like that would sure seize up the old ticker of an older, distinguished gentleman of your caliber.


      • It took my geezer ass about a minute to even see the object in the
        background. I am 64, and as Warren Zevon said in his song My
        Shits Fucked Up, everything that used to work don’t work anymore.
        That doesn’t stop my heart from racing when I see photos like this!

        I have so many health issues that I am sure I haven’t contracted
        the Chinese Kung Flu when I wake up every day. All that hard
        work, smoking, and drinking over the years have taken its toll.

        On an out of state job in New Mexico, I was working the night shift.
        Every morning the crew stopped off at a liquor store on our way
        back to the hotel just in time for the free breakfast. Armed with
        cases of beer and every kind of hooch in existance, we barged in
        and order breakfast. The tourists thought we were escapees
        from the Ford Clinic. We were subcontractors for a major
        construction company.

        Our field supervisor was a devout Christian and when someone
        from ABB asked him, “do you let your Millwrights to go work drunk?”
        he said, “every damn day!” Every Sunday, we filled the bar from
        noon to closing. That was a typical out of town or out of state job.

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    • Yeah, but it’s Sportsman’s Guide.

      After their price gouging last time, I swore I’d never buy from them again. So far, I haven’t. They have even given up sending me catalogs.

      They HOPE that folks like me and you will forget their bad business practices…apparently you have.

      I haven’t.


      • Obviously public school educated; your economics knowledge is sincerely lacking, and you may want to go back and ask for a rebate. No such thing as ‘price gouging.’ It’s a socialist construct to artificially manipulate the price one may charge for his or her property because economic conditions indicate the practice of ‘market rationing.’ Look it up.

        I’ve never bought anything from Sportsman’s before, so I am not aware of ‘bad business practices.’ Can’t be too bad, or they’d be out of business. Apparently, you’ve been eating some sour graps.

        You buy from who you want, and don’t assume anything about people you don’t have a clue about.

        Have a very DTG day.


  3. As my ol’ boss used to say, them legs go all the way up and make an ass of themselves. He was taking about my 17 year old cousin at the time, behind the 2 way glass of a produce section,
    but I am forgiving kind.


  4. I was at the eye doctors yesterday and I clearly saw that the younger nurses weren’t wearing underwear under their scrubs. They were all jiggly and stuff.


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