Forget The Murder Hornets, Britain Has A Cloud Of Flying Ants SO BIG IT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE!

And the hits just keep coming. I may need to find me a Bible somewhere and see if Revelations isn’t actually a movie program so I can start getting ready for the next act.

Huge 50 mile-wide swarm of flying ants so big it can be seen from SPACE shows up on Met Office’s weather radar as 84F heat launches scorching weekend

A gigantic swarm of flying ants at least 50 miles wide which can be seen from space has shown up on the Met Office’s weather radar today as Britons bask in 84F sunshine on one of the hottest days of the year.

Video posted by the Met Office shows a cloud of ants swarming off the south-east coast today as temperatures rocket and sun-seekers flock to the seaside today.

The plague of insects peppered the skies over Kent and Sussex during their ‘nuptial flight’, during which they mate – an event triggered by the mini-heatwave which has hit the nation.

The Met Office tweeted: ‘It’s not raining in London, Kent or Sussex, but our radar says otherwise…

‘The radar is actually picking up a swarm of #flyingants across the southeast. During the summer ants can take to the skies in a mass emergence usually on warm, humid and windless days #flyingantday’.

Ants swarm together to raise the odds of pairs successfully mating and to deter predators at this vulnerable stage in the life cycle of their colonies.


It’s just a hunch but I think maybe heading out for a picnic around there may not be such a good idea right about now…

3 thoughts on “Forget The Murder Hornets, Britain Has A Cloud Of Flying Ants SO BIG IT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE!

  1. Interesting thing about the flying ants. Only the females are winged. They take the males on a honeymoon flight high up in the atmosphere, copulate and then drop the males as soon as the deed is done. I’ve known a few women like that over the years…………

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