12 thoughts on “Don’t Forget It’s Only July

  1. There are very few chick flicks or kiddie movies in my 2,000+ DVD collection.
    The Chick flics exceptions are Meg Ryan, Audry Hepburn, Leslie Caron and
    a few others. I also love most of Deborah Kerr movies, but please put a
    fucking gun to my head and pull the trigger if I am ever caught watching
    An Affair To Remember!

    I enjoyed a lot of kiddie flicks like Return Of The Navigator, ET, and others,
    but Princess Bride was a surprisingly good movie!


    • Yes I first watched the “Princess Bride” with my daughters. Has a lot of good quotes: “Have fun sacking the castle.” etc. I had the opportunity to sail on the Hawaiian America ship in 2001 that was used in the film, “An Affair to Remember.” It was scrapped shortly thereafter because of the downturn in tourism due to 9/11.


      • My problem with An Affair To Remember was that it was dripping
        with so much Estrogen, it caused men to develop boobs. I was
        forced to watch this film in my early teens by my mother. The
        Meg Ryan movie Sleepless In Seattle had a scene that parodied
        the movie. I loved Deborah Kerr in the movie Heaven Knows Mr.
        Allison. She played a Nun stuck on a Jap infested island in the
        Pacific with a Marine played by Robert Mitchum. That was a
        love story for men. He had no idea she was a Nun until the end.

        Sleepless In Seattle clip:


        • Are we manly men or girlie men? I ain’t seeing a helluva lot of testosterone flinging on this post. Mr. Leonard I don’t know now…


          • What male did not cry when Jim Brown died in the Dirty Dozen?
            Every fucking war film ever made was a love story. I am not talking
            about war films set in Asian jungles where a hot sexpot appears
            behind a tropical tree, I am talking about those men who risked or
            sacrificed his life to protect his platoon mates.

            The Soy boys in Seattle and Portland do not have the combine
            testosterone of a fruit fly!


  2. Hey everyone, the year is going to be alright now.
    Irish went on a blistering rant and tore into troll like nothing I’ve seen since…….
    last night when Phil ( aka secret agent man ) popped his top.
    If we all just look at the humor on the internet, the year 2020 is for the history books.


    • Us normal rednecks are getting fed up and tired of these douchebags and freaks, it starts out much like this and graduates to putting them out of our misery terminally…


      • Cederq, advice you probably don’t need re dialysis: get a shunt emplaced early, instead of waiting until you need to be plugged into the filters. Or, seeing as you regularly have an arm up that far, while you’re ‘servicing’ HRC (voluntary, unpaid), check the health of her kidneys for a transplant!


        • I gotta ask Aussie John, Are you infatuated with old skank Hillary Rodham Clinton? Ya mention the bint often. Just wondering if ya are love with that?


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