87 Year Old Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Has Been Undergoing Chemo For Liver Cancer Since May But Refuses To Retire

At this point she has already been in the hospital for infections and other things so many times that I have literally lost count.

You know as well as I do that she is receiving care and treatments that none of us could possibly either afford or would even be offered as an option just to try and keep her alive until they can try and inject a Democrat back in the Whitehouse.

Then they can stop reanimating her rotting corpse.

There comes a time when even the obvious becomes a parody of its self.


The thing is, at 87 years of age and really bad health?

Next January is a looooong ways away still.

That is even assuming Trump doesn’t mop the floor with Creepy Joe or whoever they finally decided to thrown in at the last minute.

15 thoughts on “87 Year Old Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Has Been Undergoing Chemo For Liver Cancer Since May But Refuses To Retire

  1. No joke Brother… it’s becoming a IRL Parody of “Weekend at Bernies”… old crone is probably actually dead, abut between Lucasarts and Henson’s Magic Factory, she’ll live on looooooong after you, me and the half death of the universe has passed on…


  2. The Notorious RGB died a few years ago, her Audioanamatronic double just needs to go in for a tune-up periodically. Really, she is NOT alive…


  3. Even if she unfakably dies before the election, the repubs already burned that bridge: they couldn’t get the reincarnation of Oliver Wendell Holmes confirmed this year.


    • Good point! Lung cancer, Pancreatic cancer and now Liver cancer
      tells me that she will likely go tits up before the November elections.
      If Biden wins, there is a good chance that he will seat an activist
      judge to taker her place. That will be a wash, but two conservative
      Associate Justices will likely retire in the near future.

      Get active, get motivated and do everything you can to keep
      Biden out of the White House and vote like your country is
      at stake because it is. Slow Joe has embraced every policy
      agenda put forth by Sanders, Warren, Empty Cortex, Beano
      Orourke and the squad. We cannot lose this election!


      • I learnt from the experts, reading comments here, hope Cederq takes to renal treatment okay. Ned Kelly was a true Celtic hero in colonial Australia, the British were confounded by his tactics.


        • All the way up to the last day.

          I admire the mans metal ( pun intended )
          Seriously though, he would not bow down to them.
          Quality act to follow.


          • An early adopter of ballistic armour and tactical weapons, his Colt pistols and revolving carbines. Even the ‘traps’ he faced wore 3 preloaded spare Colt cylinders in their belt pouches. I’d have chosen Remington myself, quicker and less fiddly to swap out cylinders. A saying old as the goldrush days, “Game as Ned Kelly!”, when speaking of those with pluck against the odds.


  4. There’s the precedent that Congress won’t confirm an appointment so close to the election. So even if she dies today, Trump will need to win in order to replace her.


  5. If she dies in ‘power’, the left will hoist her up as a martyr, that Trump killed her in office. If she retires, they’ll see it as giving up, and ceding her power. He may not get to replace her this term, but if the world doesn’t burn to a cinder before November, he’ll get to replace her next term.


  6. the pictures from now vs six months ago are very different. i doubt she’ll make it to november but it’ll be too late by then. this is here fourth cancer not counting recurring bouts. she’s ate up with it and her organs are shutting down, she must be in terrible pain.


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