Why The Hell Not? I’ve Already Been Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Anyway


I went on a small shopping spree, over the internet. Nothing too expensive, I don’t have an abundance of discretionary funds but we are OK at the moment.

Red flags were raised,  I’m sure.

Playing a little catch up.

The Red Flags probably come not from any individual purchase, it’s the Search History and the conglomerate of items purchased if I had to bet.

As we are all intensely aware, Big Brother see’s all when you are on the net.

I had a conversation with The Wifely Unit this morning and pretty much laid out what is going on, not that she is completely uninformed or anything but I have access to information she doesn’t.

She has been following along with the recent goings on and actually surprised me a couple of times with actual informed opinions.

So then I laid some news on her that she didn’t have any idea about because she pretty much relies on Fox News and guys like Tucker Carlson and shit for her info.

The things I knew about came from …. ahem… other sources. Ones that she doesn’t have access to and that no News outlet would publish anyway.

So it was a good conversation. She has finally seen the light so to speak and we finally came to an agreement that with only 3 months left before the election and God only knows what comes after, that maybe getting some things and putting them away might not be a bad idea after all.

This other news I refer too has to do with the local BLM assholes branching out not only in our county but the one North of us that is very rural and them deciding to harass a couple of little out of the way towns that most people don’t even know exist.

Enough is enough. Their Home Base around here is literally only a twenty minute drive from here on a good traffic day.

Some of the things that are on the way are of a more personal defense item.

I’m sure you know that from my last post. I just added a few more things to go along with that.

Towards the end of our little conversation I flat out told her that my first responsibility is her and our kids safety.

End of transmission.

I may be slow but I’m not completely stupid. Things that are on the To Do list, FINALLY, are more long term in case access to grocery stores become limited items.

This has been a burr under my saddle for years now.

She is still resistant to a whole bunch of it but Dry Goods finally got the OK.

It’s a start.

It’s kind of sad that it took things going completely fucking sideways for the light to come on but it did at long last. It ain’t shining very brightly but it is on.

I can work with that.

26 thoughts on “Why The Hell Not? I’ve Already Been Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Anyway

  1. I’d say the feds did not go hard enough on the assholes. I would have at
    least a platoon armed with automatic pepper ball guns backed up with
    with a ton of guys in full body armor with ass-whupping’ sticks, a few APCs
    or MRAPs. Just for the intimidation factor, some water cannons, and if they
    still didn’t get the message a few squads armed with M-15, and SAWs!

    The only thing that js going to work with these idiots is brute force. It sends
    a message to the thugs that the feds are not fucking around!


  2. Your description is an exact parallel to my wife. She’s pretty much on board with prepping now, but has no real idea what our supplies are beyond what’s in the garage cabinets.
    There’s a lot I’d like to discuss, but it’s not prudent on the wild-n-wooly interwebs. Nothing by cellphone or email either. Certain subjects are in person only, and then with paranoid situational awareness.
    I’ve read a lot of “pockyclips” fiction, currently devouring Matt Bracken’s books, and like Kurt Schlichter’s novels, it’s extremely disturbing to see such bizarre stuff playing out in the real world.
    Watch out folks. You don’t want to be anywhere near a major city this fall. If you have to be, keep yourself well armed and situational awareness in condition orange.


  3. Fuckin people think I’m trying to play secret agent man here when all I meant was that I got the info from people I know that nobody would dream of calling a news source and no actual news source would bother talking to in the first place.
    Get a fuckin’ life.


    • The more asswipes that show up, the more your blog is being publicized. I don’t have them on my blog more than once, because of my house rules. They get nuked, and never seem to return, or if they do, I don’t know about it because their ISP and email are blocked.

      Works for me; I got no time to validate those cretins.

      You’re a daily stop for me!


  4. Yea, as it is written in the book of words, it is a Hell of a lot easier to gain forgiveness than permission beforehand.

    In other words, just go and buy what you need and hide it – let her find out later. By then she’ll thank you … or perhaps not! >};o)


  5. I’m sure I’m a list too. I’m a knife whore, and have purchased so many in the past couple of years that Magnetic North is shifting towards my house. (Sorry !!)

    Wife told me when I kick off, she is going to sell them off. Hey, no problem with me, I’m done with them. If you want, take seven or eight of them and sell them at the pawn shop for $100 total. Buy groceries for the house – I’m still providing for my family.

    Yeah – thats it, its for the chillruns …


  6. Good for you Phil !
    This COVID thing has certainly opened many minds about the prudence of preparing for an uncertain future.


  7. Oh, we’re all on one government list or another: “Possible Resistance Patriot”, “TP Warehouse”, or “Dumb-fuck Who’ll Believe Anything”


  8. No matter the occasion, it is always good to have a stockpile of food water and ammo. The more the better. Phil is right, come nov. its gonna get loose. Who knows what may happen. Could be nothin, could be somethin. Better to be like the boy scouts than blm who expect everything to be given to them.


  9. Phil, Keep an eye out for the appropriate time to get her on board with situational awareness. Not the Jason Born stuff, just knowing when to turn the radio off in the car to focus on the group of sign wavers down the street. Small steps.


  10. If your landscaping and siding are suitably flame retardant, consider a fougass for home defense. Spray fuel, use a tracer or thrown road flare to ignite it. BCE’s flamenwerfer is another option.


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