36 thoughts on “Just Keep Driving

  1. That fruit loop wouldn’t last 10 minutes where I live.

    And, no I wouldn’t have a thing to do with it.
    I’d read about a missing person in the paper that gets printed
    twice a month.

    Haven’t seen anything like that since I left Tohelluride.


    • “All [POM] units are made with FDA approved Polymer, a plastic product that is free from lead, toxins, and harmful chemicals.”

      Because not exposing some motherfucker who needs pepper-spraying to lead and toxins is high on my list of concerns. Heh. They must have had fun writing that ad copy.


      • I was in the hospital several times, it seems The one and only kidney I have has decided it no longer wants to work well. I have stage 2 renal (almost stage 3) failure… I am looking at dialysis. That is the reason for my absence. Thank you Death for your concern. Ironic, death is a very real concern…


        • I told Un the other day you slipped your leash and I feared you were out whore doggin.

          I’m sorry you’re going through that.
          As shallow as the saying has become,
          I’m praying for you.

          My handle was given by a friend years ago while I was helping him do gun sales at a very large gun show.
          Those first lasers that attached to the trigger housing if you’re familiar had just come to market.
          Had an Asian fellow ask what it was.
          Being a asshole and keeping a straight face, I explained that it was a deathray.
          Went into a total sales pitch and he was ready to buy.
          My buddy stood there for the entire ordeal and later said he couldn’t believe that I hadn’t rehearsed it and did that on the fly. Thus the name. I’m not really that morbid.

          When I came clean with the customer, he and his family had a good laugh.


          • That is a good story! That is how your war name is made…. you don’t pick it, it picks you and your buddies have to name it. Thank you for your prayers!


        • Damn Cederq, as Death and Unf say. I had to look after my Mum until she died of acute renal failure, that whole scene no fun. I was wondering if you had PTSD from all your years as HRC’s secret gyno nurse, oh the horror! At least now, you know your stock of cheese will see you out.


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