Just For Shits And Giggles

When you get done reading this, go try and find some .556 ammo.


Holy Freaking Moly the stuff is almost unobtanium.

Oh there is some out there but you are going to be looking and you are going to be paying too.

I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the big bulk sales because I ain’t got five hundred to a thousand bucks to be throwing at it.

$500 and below though was shocking.

Vendor after vendor after vendor that I checked was completely and I do mean completely, sold  out.

Even the ones wanting $1.48 a round for it.

Back ordered, out of stock, not available, check this box if you would like to be notified if we get some back in stock.

Page after page of that.

It’s just like the .22LR shortage a while back. I haven’t even looked for any of that yet, I’m still in a bit of shock.

I finally found some here.  Even then there was a one box limit.

Final price including tax and shipping brought it to seventy cents a round for a hundred rounds.

If one was a bit on the paranoid side one might think there was a war going on around here.

Or one fixing to go hot maybe…

34 thoughts on “Just For Shits And Giggles

  1. 5.56 x 45 isn’t the same as.223rem as far as I know. While the .223rem is the civilian version of the military 5.56, it is said to have narrower tolerances. Because of that (again: this is just what I’ve learned and I could be wrong) owners of .223 chambered rifles are ill advised shooting military surplus ammo because it doesn’t meet the civilian tolerance requirements.
    According to the print on the box pictured above this ammo is military ammo which doesn’t mean it’s better.
    Military graded stuff usually is a lot better than civilian equipment since it’s usually more durable and meets higher standards – but in case of ammunition the only ammo that might be better than Its civilian counterpart is sniper’s ammo – but that would be unobtainium, too.


    • Not quite right. The Mil Spec 5.56 are of tighter tolerances as it is a higher pressure round than .223 ammo. The 5.56 case is also more durable than a 223 case. Reloaders prefer the 5.56 once they remove the military crimps as it last longer for multiple reloads. Most of my ammo is Lake City 5.56 that was originally NATO Green Tip that I load to 5.56 as that is what my rifle was designed for.

      A gun chambered for .223 should never shoot 5.56 ammo as it could be dangerous to deadly to do so.


    • If you make sure you get your rifle/carbine chambered in 5.56NATO, you can shoot .223 all day as well as the 5.56. If you have a .223 chambered rifle/carbine, it can be catastrophic if you shoot 5.56NATO from the platform. Military case dimensions are just a little tiny bit different and the pressures on the case are much higher than the civilian .223.


      • Thanks for correcting me, gentlemen, I really appreciate it!
        How about the .308Win?
        I do have a Howa 1500 chambered for .308 Win – could I safely shoot military surplus ammo with it?
        I once did – and the outcome wasn’t really satisfying. One round seemed to have produced overpressure as that lil’ hole on the side vented as the round fired, and another shot ruined a clamp-on muzzle brake which was idiotic in the first place since one really doesn’t need a muzzle brake on a .308…


  2. Unfuck … While the .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO have the same case dimensions, Mil-spec 5.56 runs at a higher chamber pressure than civvie .223 Rem. Ergo, shooting the mil-spec stuff in a rifle with the civilian chamber is not recommended. All my AR platform rifles are chambered either for 5.56 (mil-spec) or the hybrid .223 Wylde which can safely shoot both.

    Phil .. ammo shortage & pricing .. this reminds me of the Great Ammo Drought of 2013/2014 in the wake of Sandy Hook. Coming back to 2020 … Things weren’t so bad until the far left made a martyr out of George Floyd and that numbskull at the Wendy’s drive up line in Georgia … All the places I normally look online are SOLD OUT, and I expect that to be the case for a very long time. I do know that “Cheaper Than Dirt” has some stuff, but they’re price gouging like nobody’s business. They had loose bulk pack (500 rounds) of generic .223 Rem for $320, and 9mm “range grade” FMJ for almost 80 cents a round. I’ll pass. And I’m told that CTD does this routinely when there’s a “run” on something. Posers.

    When this nonsense is over, I’ll be laying in a better supply of fodder … with my minimum on-hand thresholds being 1,000 rounds for every 9mm firearm I own, plus a minimum of 1,000 rounds of .223/5.56, and a minimum of 5,000 of .22lr. For good measure, I might pick up another spam can of 7.62x54r for my Russian Blunderbuss.

    I also have to wonder … what’s the state of reloading supplies? Are the folks who “roll their own” having trouble finding propellant? Primers? Boolits?

    I’m expecting the drought to continue well past election day, with there being increased demand if Sleepy Gropey Joe gets the nod. Dear Lord, Holy Brother of Moses what a fuster cluck that will be, but with the big push for vote-by-mail, and the typical related fraud associated with it, November’s gonna be ugly. I think it was Stalin who said … all that matters in an election is who counts the votes. Bastards are still mad about 538 votes in FL and Hanging Chads. They still want their pound of flesh for that … but I digress ….


    • “I also have to wonder … what’s the state of reloading supplies? ”

      If previous panics are any indication, reloading supply shortages will lag ammo shortages by a month or two. Once ammo gets tight and people start wondering about reloading, then those supplies dry up too. Fortunately, most serious reloaders will probably have multiple thousands of rounds of components sitting on their shelf, waiting to be put together.

      I’m not quite that serious, as I mainly stick to 38 special and 45 long colt, but I easily have enough to put together another 400 rounds of the 45LC and maybe another thousand rounds of 38. Given that revolver shooting doesn’t burn up as much ammo as those new-fangled automatics, that should last me a little while.

      I did look at expanding into a new caliber. Suffice to say that where I could find components (and many places were sold out), the components were not cheap. The days of reloading practice ammo for pennies on the dollar are gone.

      As for ammo, what you have now is what you have. Don’t burn it all up in practice.


  3. It’s not “price gouging”, it’s not toilet paper, it’s “supply and demand”!
    Just like a good woman – you’re gonna pay the price, one way or another.


    • Exactly, ‘supply and demand’ initiate something called, “market rationing;” because as prices in crease (many more dollars chasing dwindling supplies), only those who really need/want the product will pay the price, leaving some supplies for others to purchase.


  4. The real militia our Founding Fathers envisioned (armed citizens) are arming up
    (just in case the SHTF.) Record numbers of firearms purchases have been
    recorded in the last few months. A lot of these were first time buyers and many
    of them were bought by liberal suburbanites. What was that old saying?

    “A neoconservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality.” If this Democrat
    party sponsored shit-show starts to go hot, I wouldn’t want to be a radical-
    leftist. The Israeli Six-Day War will be known as the Long War if the American
    people gab their arms and hit the streets!


    • No. All he (Floyd) had to do was not scarf a handful of Fentanyl, Meth and Marijuana to escape them being found during the encounter, while having an extremely bad heart.

      Seriously, he was dead before he got near the ground. And no cardiac unit or trauma center could have saved him.

      He was either going to die then, or in holding, or in transport, or 3 weeks later. His ticker was on borrowed time.


  5. Went to ammoseek; found a good amount, cheapest reliable (IMHO) of which is Winchester 200 round Lake City lots for $80 before shipping (.40 per round).


  6. I had started a buy a box a month policy. Last month I bought some 16 gauge shells which have always been pretty rare. This month I was looking for .45 ACP or 10mm. I didn’t see .45 except ball and the same for 10mm. A couple of boxes of each. Academy Sports didn’t seem to have any handgun ammo at all. A local gun store had the above .45 and 10mm. I was looking for hollow points. Maybe next month I won’t be so particular if there’s anything out there. I’ve got enough for the first wave and a bunch of lead bullets, brass and primers if necessary. At the gun store I heard a guy telling the clerk that he hadn’t been able to find .380 anywhere in the country, online, I suppose. This is Athens, Georgia about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta.
    There were several Black guys buying guns at the gun store. I wondered what they were going to shoot in them.


    • With the proper setup, consisting of a board or metal plate with the right diameter hole in it, a cheap drill press with a depth stop can turn ball into hollowpoint, just don’t drill it too deep, you just want a cup not a deep hole. A quick scoring of the top of the jacket will help it split.

      It’s not really recommended, but it’s a doable thing. Not totally perfect, like a factory load, but if it’s HP you want, it’s HP you can get.


  7. Yup, cleaned out. So I was surprised to get an “Ammo on sale!” email two days ago from Natchez Shooter’s Supply. See, when you got no inventory, you got no cash flow. What to do? Start pushing what you do have–the more exotic calibers that normally sell at nose-bleed prices. Got something chambered in .300 Norma Mag? Maybe 376 Steyr? Now’s your chance.

    Having escaped Kalifornia for Texas, this ain’t my first rodeo. Back in the late 90’s, I grabbed a 1600 round case of surplus 5.56 for 13.5 cents/round, delivered. Still have most of it as I have been reloading since ’77. More recently I have been watching outfits like Brownells like a hawk for their specials with free shipping. And Brownells does not charge Texas residents sales tax.

    I have been casting my own boolits for just as long. However there are now several sources of excellent cast bullets that you can order from. Most of the them use USPS flat rate boxes for shipping. To partially answer Brad’s question, the cast bullet supply (so far) is keeping up.


  8. .223 Vs. 5.56 has been beaten like a dead horse for years, Look guys, it’s just not the issue that some make it out to be. https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/5-56-vs-223/
    In AR pattern rifles, the outcomes are not enough to get worked up about. The chamber dimensions are never going to be perfect to spec, the ammo is going to vary in pressure and it goes bang without going boom. Buy what is available and shoot it. Your AR will not care…


    • Not being a dick here; it actually CAN be an issue. 65K PSI in a .223 chamber rated for 55K PSI might not be a good thing, but hey, shoot what you want. Here’s my post on the subject: https://defensivetraininggroup.wordpress.com/2020/07/16/chances-are/

      As for availability, 5.56NATO is out there; you’re just not going to get it for less than .40 cents and higher per round. The better the round, the more you’re going to pay. It’s why many of us for many years have been buying it cheap and stacking it deep against times like these….

      Of course, your mileage may vary….

      Cordial salutations to all.


  9. 5 years ago I laid in a supply of .303 for my sniper rifle (Enfield), 1000 rounds. I’ve got the boolits and powdah for lots and lots of reloads… and I also have many hundreds of .38 +P’s and .357 as well, all reloadable. I guess you could say I’m an ammo prepper.
    And, yes, I also have the dehydrated food for a year,etc.
    Didn’t see 2020 coming, though! Yeesh!!

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  10. Try Ammoseek.com they have 5.56 for 49 cents a round. They do the looking for you 73 different websites have 5.56 available now.


  11. Found plenty of ammo. 9mm,5.56, .22.
    It’s stacked deep in my safe and overflowed to a coupla closets.
    Prices are crazy now.
    Battlefield pickups in the future.


  12. So there’s another buying frenzy going on. Ho Hum. I can wait just like I did in 2013.
    What I have not seen is any information about the manufacturers and supply chains. Is production still proceeding as it always has, or is there some disruption that’s slowing it?
    I had wanted to use my “stimulus check” to buy another gun, but the very week I got it I also got the bill for house and car insurance. That postponed those plans. Now, I’ll simply wait until a normal market returns. If it doesn’t anytime soon, I’ll make do with what is on hand.


  13. I’m usually a day late with ammo orders but this last one, I got the shipping confirmation the day George Floyd was murdered.


  14. I routinely get caught with my pants down whenever there’s a new ammo panic. After 2013 I doled out .22lr like the foulest miser for years. This time by sheer luck I spent all of last year building up my ammo and reloading supplies whenever I had a buck to spare, just in time for the 2020 double (so far) whammies.


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