Thankfully I Too Had A Surplus Built Up


I’m sitting here trying to remember the last time I went somewhere and where it was I went. It’s been at least a week, ever since this mandatory mask bullshit started

That means I should probably go make sure my car still starts later.


11 thoughts on “Thankfully I Too Had A Surplus Built Up

  1. Yesterday was the first time I drove somewhere in about a week. Went to the Post Office (08:10AM, No Line) then went to Wally World to return an item I purchased that didn’t work as advertised. Total about 20 miles. Stopped for gas along the way, $2.15/GAL.


  2. Hopefully you still have projects lined up so you don’t become bored😉 I enjoy reading the outcome as you’re usually winning


  3. Well, for “boredom” try staying in a campground that is built for 400+ people that has no people!
    All we do around here is weed whack the overgrown vegetation, lop off tree limbs that have extended into the roads, and occasionally look at the deer, turkeys, pheasants, and an occasional rare moose that wander through the camp. Yep. The Camp is closed for the duration, thanks to the DemPanic…

    If you’re not doing anything terribly important right now, grab a gas-powered weed whacker (heavy duty) and a chainsaw to take down some of the dead trees, and C’MON DOWN!


  4. Phil gets more pissed off at machines than he does people. My dad was
    a mechanic at a Shell station. The bay areas were period old-style tin
    wall affairs. When I visited him at work, I asked what was up with the
    dents in the back wall. One of the coworkers replied, “ask your dad.”
    Turns out they were from tools and parts he threw when he got pissed!


    • Boy howdy, he’d just LOVE today’s under-the-hood torture chambers, where you have to jack up the engine or drill a hole in the firewall to change the spark plug in the “back” side of the engine.
      Today’s Automotve Engineers are a sick, sorry bunch who never have to do any actual REPAIRS on the crap they dream up!! Sadistic bastards.

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