Let Me Call Bullshit On That Right Now

Ohm’s law says you aren’t going to be running appliances off of a fucking USB port.


14 thoughts on “Let Me Call Bullshit On That Right Now

  1. Actually you can but they will be little bity mofo’s around the 50 watt range. Lets see you can blow dry a hamster with that amount of power or grill one hot dog if you don’t mind waiting an hour or two. The masses are asses.



  2. Sure thing. I guess there was really no good reason to make different gauge cable if everything can be handled by a USB. I’m going to go rewire my electric drier now and sell all that excess copper wire to the scrap yard………………


  3. Okay, time for a little Technish (Technical English, which I speak fluently)…

    Per USB Specifications charts:

    Now, 5 amps (the maximum) at 20v (the maximum voltage, most USB is at 5v) equals
    5Ax20V=100 Watts (P=IxE for DC circuits).

    100W don’t do diddly squat, boys ‘n girls.

    Who thinks up this crap, anyway (I’m talking about the original article’s theme)??


    • Wee – won’t matter – there are a whole host of idjits out there who will ‘believe’ it is true. For example a medical doctor I knew once couldn’t figure out why running about 30 amps at once kept tripping the 15 amp breaker all of those appliances were attached to. Even the plain old LPNs and 2 year RNs figured it out after I ‘splained it to them a few times……………………(and reset the breaker)


  4. It’s a tossup as to which will be the first to fail, the tiny ass conductors, or
    the contact points. Phil, there is a conductor ampacity chart in your pocket
    electrical guide. If this was an attempt at humor, the guy at Cracked knew
    what he was doing, but it is lost on a public that that couldn’t tell an amp from
    a watt or a watt-hour or even what an ohm is. You would be surprised at
    how stupid an EV car fanboy or an idiot who was conned into buying a
    PV array for his house. You can’t convince anyone that they are suckers!

    I never use the term “fossil fuels” because I read a 30+page essay about 25
    years ago. It suggested that hydrocarbons were a byproduct of gasses that
    coalesced when the Earth was formed. If that theory is correct, we have an
    inexhaustible source of energy, and EV’s truly are powered by coal or gas
    for the most part. By the time you factor in transmission losses and losses
    at the charger in the form of heat, they aren’t saving shit let alone the

    As for the source, Cracked was a lame attempt to compete with Mad
    Magazine. I was reading Mad in the early to mid-sixties. Somewhere
    in my place, is 3 or 4 100 count CD/DVD cake boxes filled with soft-
    ware. I have the entire run of Mad Magazine from a chickenshit
    flyer in the late fifties to about 1994. William Gaines and his crew
    were the best!


    • add in the power required to fabricate the car and battery and recycle the battery after its useful life and you’re talking REAL net losses to the supposed efficiency of EV’s. No one ever accused snowflakes of having two brain cells to rub together.


    • I was amused by the imagined fireworks of usb running regular electronic loads. Home fires are tragic though.
      We are on same page there.
      I felt compelled to say though, IF you were serious, about all “fossil fuels” being abiogenic origin? DO revisit the subject. (ALL as hypothesis (which equals little to no proof/repeatability)). I won’t say there can’t be similar result from other processes (I don’t have perfect grasp of the topic cause I’m honest.) (I may have misunderstood your comment~ no offense!) But DO be confident in term Fossil Fuel!
      I AM a field geologist.
      I could bury huge swaths of land, literally, in the plant and critter fossils I’ve personally seen, embedded in the rocks which produce and form fossil fuel material.
      Key term is maturation. Earth is a big ol’ ‘wood gasifier’ type thing 🙂
      The deep time of deposition and living stuff piled up and buried~ it’s mind boggling! Really is.
      Yes, eventually it will run out as to mass utility. No time soon though.
      Salt/nuclear reactors are gonna be game changer as it comes along.

      …The futures uncertain and the end is always near :)-


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