One Down

Well I finished it I guess. Now it will sit around taking up space like a lot of the crap I have laying around. At least it may come in handy for cleaning up little parts. I have lost count of how many times I have tried to clean up little stuff on a full sized wire wheel only to have it grab the little part out of my fingers and send it flying at warp speed clear into another dimension. Usually taking a healthy dose of hide with it.

7 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Motor speed control?
    Maybe a Dremel type cable?
    Cool looking little gizmo.
    Small, easy access, and still able to toss shit into another dimension.


  2. Looks great. I need to make myself something like that. Right now I put various size wire wheels in a small Sears drill press and yeah, parts shooting at high speed at the wall………….


  3. I have a polishing system sold to jewelers who hold expensive and fragile little things to polish, usually just in their hands, or in a simple wooden clamp that can’t damage it. The motor is so wimpy you can stop it with one hand. And that’s why it doesn’t throw mounted diamonds or other stones into the next dimension. Just a thought.


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