5 thoughts on “Off Center

  1. These guys are beginner fucktards. Remind’s me of something I was involved way back many years ago. Removed 4 steel glass lined brewery tanks from the old Carlsburg Brewery in Tacoma Wa. From the 4th floor. Each tank was 14’D x 40’L, wt approx. 30,000 lbs. – Sawed a hole in the Side of the building, Slid each tank to the edge, grabbed an end with one crane, slowly slid it further out till the other end was near, grabbed that end with another crane, rotated and lowered to a waiting tank trailer below. It’s a bit tricky co-ordintating 2 cranes in a move such as that but with real operators it can be done. And no one thought it was that big a deal. Nowday’s you’d have to have 30 consultants, inspectors up the ass, and a labor force of at least 300. And it would still take them at least 3 months to do…… The crew of 4 inside, removing and prepping the tanks, 2 crane operators, 2 oilers/riggers, and 2 dumbass truck drivers….. And it was done in less than a week, including hauling the tanks to Ea. Wa. to. a winery…


    • As a Millwright, I have seen how talented a good rigger is. I
      saw a complex large dia. pipe detail being removed and they
      absolutely nailed the center of gravity. When it got near the
      ground, I used a level on the vertical and it was plumb that
      it looked like it set with a machinist level. They did all of the work
      by eyeball!

      These idiots look like they are engaging in a Croatian cluster-fuck.


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