Now With Even MORE Piddle Fartin’!

I am so easily entertained it’s ridiculous.

Last Summer The Wifely Unit felt sorry for me because all I had been doing was working my homesick ass off and hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything else so she agreed to accompany me up to the Fair Grounds to a GIANT  garage sale type event they were having up there. Regular readers may remember me mentioning this once or twice.

I came home with a bunch of crap and was as happy as a pig in a fresh batch of warm shit.

One of the items I picked up cheap was an old Craftsman scroll saw that the guy was basically begging me to take just to get rid of it.

Should have been a clue but you know me.

So I gave him $5 for it and drug it home, where it has since been moved around at least 15 damn times because I have no use for it and it is awkward to store so it’s always been in the way.

The reasons I didn’t just pitch the thing out for is that it worked just fine but also because it had an auxiliary drive attachment point sticking out the back side of the motor.

I saw that and a seed was planted.

That seed has since turned into a weed and has been irritating the shit out of me lately.

Because I tripped over it again the other day and decide enough was enough.

I also just happened to have had yet another moment of weakness in the past and bought a strange little unit from Banggood last year when they were on sale for the ridiculous price of something like $2.99 each.

It’s basically a shaft with two bearings in the middle of an Aluminum housing with a 1/4 inch drill chuck pressed onto a taper on one end and an arbor with a disc clamp on the other. It also came with two cogged pulleys and a belt.

One of those  don’t know what for but at that price I’m getting two kind of things.

So that seed that sprouted has been bugging me and I finally came up with a use for both items.

Of course I have spent a couple of days messing with it.

I took the scroll saw apart and pitched most of it in the recycle pile, kept the base and the motor. Made a stand for the drill shaft and measured and bolted this contraption together. Then I stuck a little buffing wheel in the chuck.


And it kinda worked for about thirty seconds before parts started flying out of the drive coupler. I had drilled and tapped it to put more set screws in but the coupler was sloppy on the shaft and it had a tiny little roll pin that two slots on the coupler slid over to drive it. The one little set screw turned into a pivot point and the thing wobbled around at speed and kinda tried to self destruct.

This was day one and of course led to more dicking around.

I was going to make a new coupler on the Mini Lathe and I wound up drilling it to the same size as the shaft but the drill bit chattered like a bastard and opened it up too far.

The thing is obviously pissed off at me because I haven’t used it for a while and demanded a small blood sacrifice for my infidelity.

I discovered the hard way that there was a burr on the end of a mounting stud for the collet chuck when I grabbed it to turn it by hand and cut some threads with a tap mounted in the tail stock. I felt a little something but just ignored it until the Collet Chuck started getting slippery. Then I look and see a few drops of blood on the ways too. One thing I hate bout getting old. Look at something sharp and start trailing blood around behind you without even knowing it.

I wound up cutting off the little Roll Pin on the motor shaft because it wasn’t coming out and shoved the original coupler farther back so it fit better and tightened up the 4 set screws I had drilled and tapped it for.

I still have some tidying up to do, mounting the on/off switch and putting some of the sheet metal back on the back of the motor but the damn thing actually works.

With that little drill chuck I can mount little drum flap wheels, wire wheels and all kinds of attachments that have a 1/4 inch shaft on them.




Like I said, I’m easily entertained.


6 thoughts on “Now With Even MORE Piddle Fartin’!

  1. Phil, just wait until you start having to take blood-thinner medication. You’ll leave your DNA near everywhere, now you’re an old fart with thinner skin too.


  2. Hey, I’ve been looking for something just like that spindle and belt setup for a project. Even went so far as planning it out using raw materials, but never started in on it. Besides, McMaster-carr is a good supplier with quality items, but the price adds up in a hurry. I want to use a sewing machine motor and a speed control to motorize some case prep for reloading. Yes, I can buy pre-made case prep units for something north of $120. I, however, am cheap.

    First time on the Banggood site, I think I have the right part and supporting items ordered, the website is a little screwy. Believe I have a slightly larger chuck ordered, more like .375 instead of .250 . Whole package is around $20, which I still call cheap. Thanks for the tip.


  3. Looks like the mother of invention is at work here. You do realize that Dickin around and Fiddle Fuckin with shit is what built this country and the industrial revolution don’t you! Hell, if it wasn’t for Dickinsons with shit we wouldn’t have sent Hubble telescope of on it’s infinite journey, sent that mass of useless shit off to mars to find out, yup ,just as we thought, no habitable atmosphere here. As well as other off the wall dealio’s, some useful, others not so much….


  4. Necessity being the mother of Invention, Screwing Around With Spare Parts is the Bastard Stepchild of making it work.
    Nuttin’ like African Engineering, is there?!?


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