Geezer Test

If you remember this* you are officially an Old Fart now.

Phone Cord

Very Pre Cell phone.

*This is what we had to do back in the day when we wanted to have a private phone call.

Hell I even recognize the old door handle.

14 thoughts on “Geezer Test

  1. When my intestinal issues kick in, I often finish a call on the shitter with my
    smartphone. Back in the old days, it required a 25-foot cable at least.


  2. Yup, grew up with a party line. The door knobs in our old house had rectangular back plates with a hole for a skeleton key. Fascinating to read about early party lines out on the prairie where they used the wire fences for phone lines.


  3. As a kid i used the old red phone boxes, 4d in the old money to make a call, if the call connected push button A, if no answer push button B to get your money back.
    If you pressed the handle end of a Yale key into the coin slot 4 times it would trick the system, apparently, heh.
    Phone boxes always stank of piss and smoke.


  4. Here at the house there’s a wall mounted rotary dial phone. It still works and if the power goes out it still functions. Not like those digital push button things today. The AT&T guy tried to disconnect it for me as a favor one time and it killed every jack in the house and interfered with the alarm system and caused some snotty alarm employee to call and bitch LOL.. We reconnected it and just left it. I have no idea why they installed one in the hall when there’s perfectly good jacks in the other rooms. Every day is an adventure here. .


    • BTW, my Grandfather who built the place worked for Ma Bell for 25+ years in NYC and when the phone was connected he was totally pissed. They were on a party line! Now this was in 1970 but the property is out in the country. Hell, this town didn’t even have a red light until the early 90s…..


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