So It Worked Out Better Than You Thought Then.

“I was having fun with this letter board to countdown to my wife’s last day of school. Also turned out to be the last day before she left me.”


Bye Bitch, make sure you take every last fucking thing you own with you .

16 thoughts on “So It Worked Out Better Than You Thought Then.

  1. Oh don’t you worry about that, she will.
    And before its over and the lawyers and the court system finishes with your ass, you have pretty much nothing left.



    • I have been through this and it always starts with those famous words,’I have been thinking”.
      I wind up grabbing some clothes, throwing them in my Dad’s Navy Duffel bag that is older than I am and me leaving.
      I immediately start making arrangements to get my fucking tools put somewhere and then my personal items.
      I have literally started over from scratch with the clothes on my back and whatever I could fit in my fucking car more times than I care to remember but it’s more than five times.
      At my age I have ZERO tolerance for that shit.


      • WTF?
        Are you a slow learner or what?😁
        More than 5?
        My ass was carved up and handed to me in tiny pieces.
        I’m not a gluten for punishment and you sir have my condolences!!!

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        • Twice for me and never, ever will a vagina sleep in my bed or cook for me at my place. Now, her place, hell ya! I do not give out a front door key or will allow her to bring anything over to my place to brighten up or store or just because, once they establish a presence it is a legal precedent and they have a claim, fock them!


          • See that you old dog
            Learned a few things didn’t ya?

            Preaching some sound wisdom.

            I was a business owner at the time.And her attorney came at me 8 different ways to Sunday. What they didn’t take my attorney got.
            Early 30’s at the time and young and hardheaded enough to build it up bigger and better. Paid everything off had zero debt and Uncle Sugar started getting almost half. Played that game for about a decade then I just turned belligerent. Sold it all and found a place with no local government and zero taxes.

            Oh yeah BFYTY


            • I must clarify Death, I do let a vagina sleep in my bed, my little anklebiter Chihuahua, Guido, my last ex-bint’s dog and she didn’t want it anymore. I took her and she is a good dog, not a yapping little shit and she doesn’t care that I sit in my underwear watching a manly movie at 1AM eating chili dogs with cheese and onion drinking a few beers… will lay right there by my thigh and every so often look at me to hand her a little bit of brats… But she is the only vagina I let sleep in my bed.


            • I understand, that warm body sleeping next to you is overrated! My fears after the second was; Is this one going to go psycho or screw me over royally? I sleep my better having my loyal anklebiter snuggling me and snoring softly…


  2. So,, while she went to school, YOU supported her, and with what great hopes? Was she gonna make it so you could get out of a brutal, but emotionally rewarding job, one youve loved, but know that you cant keep doing, because we all get old? And did she use your naive ass? She Juust managed to stay with you, and you had No Idea how your shit was On the Rocks, until she just didnt need you any more?

    Ohh, dude,, as much as You would have been screwed 15 years ago,, its not necessarily so, now..
    She handed you some good ammo,,

    Gettin screwed happens,, Hopefully you wont hafta taste it.. I hope you manage to break it off in her sorry ass..

    Someone needs to do a deep dive into all her online crap,,


  3. WOMEN !!!
    Ya gotta love ’em.
    The best way to do that is to promise them the world and give ’em absolutely fucking nothing.
    They’ll love ya for it.

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  4. A wise friend of mine, now deceased, once told me that if they did not have a pussy there would be a bounty on them. He also said that when they get pussy trouble it goes straight to their head. Problem with that is, it is cumulative.

    I really miss that fucker.

    Good luck.


  5. Finished school, her crotch fruit is all growed up and now she be, with malice aforethought, taken it elsewhere with your money and possesions.


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