I Had To Ask The Wifely Unit If She Could Hear The Keening And Wailing Coming From The South East Of Us A While Ago

Because I could have sworn I heard something right after the news of Trump commuting the sentence of his buddy Roger Stone hit the airwaves.

Them fucking Libtards over in Portlandistan must be having conniption fits.

8 thoughts on “I Had To Ask The Wifely Unit If She Could Hear The Keening And Wailing Coming From The South East Of Us A While Ago

  1. I am no fan of Stone, but as I was listening to the news this morning, the
    newsbabe stated that he was convicted of purgery. That is completely
    false! Every person in the Trump who was convicted was convicted
    of a “process crime.” If you get grilled by the FBI and you get asked
    100 questions 100 times, and you make a slip on a single detail, 1
    time, you are fucked and will be charged with lying to the FBI.

    You get a date right 99 times, and you slip up once, you’re fucked!
    In earlier statements you said x happened on Sept. 14 and said Sept.
    13 once, you are in deep shit. The only way you can save your ass
    is if you or your lawyer catch the error and revise the record by the
    end of the day.

    This bullshit should be outlawed! If you put Mother Theresa on the
    hotseat, her ass will end up in jail.

    PS The howls of the Karens and perpetually offended snowflakes
    today would have deafened millions. I can see the headlines on
    CNN and PMSNBC are reading “Orange Man is covering up his


    • Yeah. Ask Scooter Libby how that works.

      But if you think the Libs are crapping bricks now, just wait until Ghislane starts singing.


  2. Yeah, they are going ballistic.


    “With Trump there are now two systems of justice in America:
    One for Trump’s criminal friends and one for everyone else.”

    That – right there – is one of the most arrogant hypocritical statements I have read this year. He and several dozen of his cohorts should be in prison for what they did, and he says this.

    Fuck off, loser pencil neck, and I hope I never meet you, because it will be a very one sided discussion.


    • Heh, if I ever met that fucker I would do two things.
      I would look him right in those googly fucking eyes he’s got and tell him that everybody knows about that dead black kid he fucked in the ass so he had better just shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down and start praying that he gets a cell with a window.


  3. Best possible response to any questioning for any alleged crime is always “I don’t recall”.. end of story. Now don’t say another word. Plus never – ever under any circumcisions, admit or try and explain anything to anyone….


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