I Am Confident That No MAN CARD Was Ever Issued

“Fellas, I just spent 2 whole hours arguing and searching the dustbin to prove to my girl that this missing piece is not from a condom.”


Yeah, fuck you bitch, I ain’t digging through a fucking garbage can to prove anything to your stupid ass and seriously, how many guys do any of you know call a garbage can a “Dustbin” anyway?


I don’t think I have ever heard an American guy say that in my entire life.

21 thoughts on “I Am Confident That No MAN CARD Was Ever Issued

      • Phil, I’m kinda slow, being a redneck northerner myself. Downunder it is the other way around, the farther north you are, the further ‘south’ the culture you encounter. We call the Victorians our Mexicans, them being south of the border. The Unzids or Kiwis are Wetbacks, having to swim the Tasman.


          • You septics drive on the right hand side of the road, that is on the right, but not correct side. You do it for the same reason that you adopted the Webster spelling of American-arsed English: you hated the Pommy bastards also. We right-thinking people of the rest of the world use RHD cars ‘cos the driver can fire guns properly out the window, while on the move! You a cack-hander Cederq, or do you shoot ahead through your windshield instead?


            • Cack hander? That is a new one! I can shoot with my weak hand. I can do that with a lot of practice and switch masturbating…


    • How many times are ya gonna change your name John? I am not complaining I like Aussie John, kinda rhymes like pussie John…. :P~~~~~ (drool)


      • The sun must have set where you live.
        When it gets dark you turn evil.
        That’s 2 nights in row Mr C.

        You’re making me laugh but damn if you don’t have a mean streak.


      • Cederq, I owe poor Unfuck an apology, I didn’t believe his reports of your depravity, well now I know better! BTW, is it true that you were formerly HRC’s personal 24hr on-call gyno nurse? I mean ol’ Bill don’t go to that smelly old valley any more, if he ever did, I think Chelsea bears more than similarity to your photo. Maybe a paternity test is warranted, you should quit using that brand of raincoat!

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        • I buy my raincoats from china, preformed holes… I wouldn’t look across the street at that smelly old whore, HRC. I was a Labor and Delivery nurse, not a gyno nurse, they won’t let males into that part of nursing, I wonder why? I am depraved, and quite proud of it!


  1. Y’all know the old expression “Psycho-chicks, we’ve all had ’em” and “Never stick your dick in crazy”, right? Years ago I was shacked up with this crazy but sorta sweet girl and I come home and find her going through the dirty laundry. I figure she lost something but she reeled right around with murder in her eyes and outta the blue blurts out she found a pussy hair that wasn’t “hers” in the bathroom. I made her GTFO the next day. Man-card retained.


    • Was she a brunette and the offensive hair a redhead? Could it have been your pubic hair, or ass hair? Deprived minds gotta know…


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