The Intrepid Reporter’s Bank Account Got Hacked And Rode Hard Before It Got Discovered, His PayPal Is Still Secure

I managed to get onto his Blog once earlier today and  saw that so I hit the PayPal link for a quick $20, figuring I could get back in and get  some info but Fuck No.

That stupid Google Adult Warning page just kept coming back over and over and over every time I clicked on the agree to enter button.

I have run into that before and somehow managed to get by it by copy pasting the website address and getting in that way. No worky today.

I just now got in with no trouble so I am throwing this Help Wanted post up now.

They got him for 3 Grand and just fucked him six ways from breakfast so the guy is broke until he can get shit straightened out.

 if you can hit the donation button, it’d be appreciated.   I’m currently fucked financially as the bank account got hit… seems someone got my account number and routing number, and put me 3K in the hole on overdrafts… plus stealing my basic $$$… it’s gonna take a few to clear up, but til then, I be broke.  God I hate computers and hackers… my IR Paypal however is stills secure, so every bit helps.  My thanks in advance.  I remain the Intrepid ReporterBig Country
Even five bucks at this point would help the guy out.
Ten or twenty from a few of us could make a huge difference.
If you can get in to hit his PayPal button I would appreciate any help you can give.
 I sent him an Email this morning asking for his PayPal address but haven’t heard anything back. I can’t copy and paste it from his site, all I get is a picture of the button and if I click on it, it takes me to MY PayPal link.
Thanks to Mike in the comments, you can just click the link to Big Country’s PayPal here,
Yes, it goes off the edge but you can still click it.

9 thoughts on “The Intrepid Reporter’s Bank Account Got Hacked And Rode Hard Before It Got Discovered, His PayPal Is Still Secure

  1. 2 factor authentication for any site that is important. After you enter your password, you get a 6 digit # texted to your cell phone. There are even options for land line. Someone doesn’t have your phone they aren’t getting in to your account.

    Also never log into anything important, including email on public wifi. They get your email, you don’t get notifications of all the other accounts they hack.

    Sorry if everyone knows this but if someone didn’t, it sure saved my ass more than once.


  2. You guys are the best. From the bottom of the blackened charred hole in my chest, I thank you all… The beans are covered for the week now and the power bill, so you have my utmost honored thanks man…


    • Hey! Look who popped up out of the hole! You are more than welcome my man, I just hope you get that shit straightened out and am tickled shitless that my readers stepped up to the plate for you.


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