17 thoughts on “Nope

  1. I wouldn’t either, it might find us in a parallel universe where the pansy left is in control and only the cops have guns and the knives…. oh wait, that is England… but here too… oh fuck, we are so fucked.


    • Damn you Cederq, you beat me to it again! I was going to say that
      it might be a portal into another dimension, which pretty much
      means the same thing. The parallel to the batshit crazy left
      would be too implausible to make for a Twilight Zone episode.

      The best science fiction authors on Earth could not have predicted
      this shit show!


      • Awe to hell with it.
        I’m going thru and if it’s like that, I’ll go all mid-evil and raid and pillage till I have nothing left in me.
        Way things are going here what do I have to lose? ( days, weeks, months?)
        I’ll bring my dog. She’s even more hateful than me.

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        • Mother Deathray raised me to be a gentleman Mr. Un
          I would ask nicely,leave with a smile on my face and,say thank you.
          My debauchery has its limits.

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            • If this gets out of hand (which I do not believe it will,) In addition
              rape, pillaging and murder, I will tell you what I told an 18-year-
              old, big-titted smoking hot Hispanic hostess at my favorite
              restaurant after 9/11. She never saw me without a book, a
              newspaper, or tablet computer. She asked what do you think
              will happen now?

              I told her that a lot of Wogs are going to end up dead, but if
              it was up to me, I Mongol on their asses and start building a
              pyramid of human skulls!

              PS I think like a Viking and I love rape! Why are Scandinavian
              women so hot? They did not kidnap the ugly ones!

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              • Geez Leonard,
                My comment was a bad joke that got a lil’ out of hand.
                I tried mitigating that with the second comment. I really didn’t want to turn anyone’s innermost emotions outward since I wouldn’t want to know.


                • I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do, that’s stay the hell far away from Leonard Jones!!!
                  That mans a total whack job.
                  Building pyramids from skulls!!!!
                  What the fuck are you…predator?


                  • Actually Deathray, I would want Mr Leonard on my side and shooting like crazy. It would be fun and interesting his jokes and take on subjects as we are stacking bodies like cord wood. It would not be dull. And being part Swedish I approve of rape and pillage, cuz’ Scandinavian girls are hot!


              • A man can rent a cunt in most places in the world, if he is lucky then he may ask to use it with the adult owner’s kind consent. But if he steals use of it with force, he is as bad as the moslem immigrant hordes forcing themselves on thousands of innocent Nordic girls right now.


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