It’s Worth Every Cent You Paid For It Too.

Because real Americans ain’t apologizing for shit.

This cucked wuss boy doesn’t speak for us.


15 thoughts on “It’s Worth Every Cent You Paid For It Too.

  1. Can you imagine Phil or me or even….gasp! Deathray or UnFuck youed in there doing that? I can guarnteee it won’t be an apology.


    • Oh apologies don’t come easy with me
      I’m way too arrogant to be worried about feelings.
      I don’t have any is probably a good way of looking at it.

      I’m not rude and impolite but, be a snowflake and get plowed under.


  2. This brings to mind bullshit about Indian named sports teams. The total
    retards on the left do not understand that these names evoke the
    warrior spirit. Any team named after a wild animal evokes fierceness.
    They are not and never have been derogatory. I am anti-PC to the
    fucking core, so I came up with some truly offensive names. Feel
    free to add to the list:

    The Frisco Fags
    The Lousiana Lesbos
    The Trenton Trannies
    The Compton Coons
    The Washington Wetbacks
    The Seattle Spics
    The Delaware Dikes
    The Pitsburg Polocks
    The Kenosha Kikes
    The Jersey Japs
    The Chicago Chinks
    The Albany Alcoholics (you need one for any team named after the Irish)
    The Kentucky Krauts
    The Sioux City Savages (if you really want to piss off the Injuns)
    The Cleveland Cunts
    The Portland Pussies (appropriate name considering current events)
    The Reno Retards
    The DC Dullards
    The West Hollywood Wad Swalloers

    I could go on forever but I’ll leave room for reader input.

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      • To show you how my Schizophrenic thought process works, I asked
        myself WWMBD? {What Would Mel Brooks Do?)

        Offend every fucking one!


    • There’s a town near Peoria, Illinois called “Pekin”. Their high school teams were called the “Pekin Chinks” — up until 1981. Then they became the “Pekin Dragons”. FWIW I think the Dragons thing is much more offensive. (Websearch just now says they also had an ice skating facility called the “Chink Rink”.)

      Eastern Michigan University (EMU) used to be “The Hurons” after the Indian tribe. Which got up some (mostly non-Indian) noses so they became the “Eagles”. Double dumb-ass on them: 1) shoulda stuck with the name and told the noses to fuck off, 2) an emu (the ostrich-like bird) was the obvious mascot for EMU.


  3. I was there! I had a booth set up right beside it for Free Insults From A Canadian. I was giving the gears to a flimpy shitlibs when I was accosted by 3 four hundred pound lesbians with asses that were two axe handles wide. One of the land whales got a hand on my collar, the other on my belt… and I got the bum’s rush out the door!

    There is no justice…


          • Double-ended dildos are the number one sex toys for the rug
            munchers. I was once in love with a heartless bitch who I
            later found out was a notorious golddigger. She ended up
            marrying an Aussie wine importer who ended up bankrupt
            when he got a tainted batch of vino. The Aussie Beta Male
            must have loved her giner, because he crawled out of that
            hole quickly.

            A lot of Aussies I met were get-rich schemers and dreamers.
            This guy was no different. Between her trying to spend him
            into the graveyard and his real estate investments, they were in
            the hole for 35+ years. He finally divorced her ass after she
            became a carpet licker. She had to take him to the cleaners
            in divorce court because she has a nice home in the area
            where I live.

            A measure of her evil is the fact that her bull-dike “husband”
            is the submissive one. You could say she is pussy whipped.
            The chick is my buddy’s sister and this shit is a 40 year
            long soap opera!


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