Portland Police Have Finally Had Enough, Pass No Confidence Vote For City Council

I can’t believe they lasted this long myself.

Police union president announces ‘no confidence’ vote in Portland’s City Council


The executive board of the Portland police rank-and-file union voted “no confidence” in Portland’s City Council, questioning why city commissioners aren’t condemning the violence, fires and damage to businesses occurring in the city at the hands of some demonstrators.

Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, on Wednesday repeated a criticism he has made in the last week that “a small number of people have hijacked” important calls for social justice and racial equity and “used the cover of peaceful protests to burn and loot our City.”

Turner also at a news conference released an eight-point plan with suggestions on how to address changes that many police critics are demanding, though his ideas are called “Fund police reform” — the opposite of a rallying cry among reformers to redistribute money from police budgets or abolish police departments entirely.

He said he has no confidence the City Council will stop the protest violence or support the sworn officers on the streets and guide the Police Bureau into a new era of policing that prioritizes community safety. Repairs for damage to public buildings is estimated in court documents to approach $300,000 and nearly $5 million in property damage to businesses.

“If City Council won’t stand up for Portland,‘’ he said. “We will.”

The city’s response to the protests has evolved as the demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism enter their 42nd day following the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes. Thousands of people have gathered peacefully over the weeks but police say a small group has maintained a sustained effort to cause mayhem, including vandalizing buildings and throwing rocks, fireworks and other things at police.

City Council members have repeatedly condemned protesters who have engaged in violence during demonstrations, but have differed in addressing the police response to the crowds.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who oversees the Police Bureau, has called the use of tear gas “ugly” but has backed using it sparingly, citing the police belief that there’s often not a more viable alternative to quickly move people from an area.

Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Chloe Eudaly have called on the bureau to stop using tear gas altogether and instead consider new tactics that better account for the safety of people who remain peaceful during demonstrations.

Just to get a better idea of who we are talking about here, this Pencil Neck is Da Mayor, Ted Wheeler. Oh by the way, he is also the Chief of Police too.

Ted Wheeler

This here is Chloe, who doesn’t like the Po Po using Tear Gas on the people who have already done $5,000,000.00 worth of damage to Downtown Portland.


And this, THIS, is City Councilwoman Jo Anne Hardesty, who also doesn’t like the Tear Gas, among other things I suspect.

Jo Anne

No amount of warning from me could have possibly done any good, it was going to sear your eyeballs no matter what I said.

So now you have a small glimpse into who is responsible for all of this horseshit that has been going on for 44 motherfucking days straight over in Portland and why the cops have fucking had enough.

I do not blame them one iota.

This crap has actually been going on for several YEARS now.

ANTIFA and The Proud Boys were going at it every weekend three fucking years ago for crying out loud.

So now you know who has been protecting these ANTIFA fucks over in Portland this whole time.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, the Portland Chief of Police.

46 thoughts on “Portland Police Have Finally Had Enough, Pass No Confidence Vote For City Council

  1. That should not be allowed, mayor and the chief of the police? Talk about tyranny multiplied! Why I believe a chief of police should be a elected position like a Sheriff, so he/she isn’t kowtowed by the city commissions or mayors. Sheriffs generally can tell county commissioners to pound sand.


    • It is not that they are elected that Sheriffs tell the cities where to get off. It’s because the Sheriff is for the entire county. But even if the whole county was incorporated as one big city, the Sheriff still can tell them off because the Sheriff’s authority comes straight from the U.S. Constitution. To that end, the Sheriff can tell the state Governor to jump off.


  2. Man that is one butt ugly chimp! Not even that pillow would work on that and the chloe thing looks like a fat tranny that has no clue about cheap wigs. Wheeler looks like the pimply fag we use to stuff in lockers, just because…

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  3. A lot of cops in liberal governed cities are in open rebellion over this bullshit!
    Every time the police are anywhere near Comrade Mayor Bill Deblasio, they
    turn their backs on him. In Los Angeles, San Franfagshow, and at least one
    city in Washington state, liberal judges tried usher illegal aliens out the
    revolving door in defiance ICE hold orders. In all three cities, the cops
    dropped a dime and ICE busted them at the rear exit.

    This movement is growing by the day!


    • Good, then these same cops should be busting these liberal mayors and judges. That would send a message if a pansy liberal judge/mayor had to spend at least one night in the loving arms of Shaquel Leroy Brown who happens to weigh about 350 pounds and has a raging, turgid pole of lust.


      • Your post reminded me of a song. How cool would be to see
        these scumbags getting rocked to sleep by Bubba in a jail cell?

        Prisoner Of Love by Bod and Tom:

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  4. Jeez Phil, you could have put that Hardesty pic in a sealed brown bag, no? ‘Open only if over 18, after you’ve eaten.’ Has anyone ever told Jo Anne that, “Hey, did you know you’ve got turds in your hair!”


      • Hey Unfuck, Phil could be a high-roller with earnings from that fugly Hardesty pic, if not for you blokes giving him grief for it. If every frigid shiela had to pay Phil to download it, and pinned it over the marital cot, any randy husband would get an instant softie at the sight!


        • Hmm…. a anaphrodisiac so to say.
          Hell, who loves not being horny?
          If a man needs a downer he could drink shitloads of beer. Hops quenches his fire and lets him grow tits eventually.
          Why using such an inhumanely, perverted and cruel method?
          That’s akin to a psychological castration.
          Watch this – er… this something long enough and your mind will never be the same.


  5. Strictly speaking, Wheeler is the Police Commissioner, not the Chief. The Portland Police Chief is a non-entity named Chuck Lovell.


  6. It’d be Hard to take known some of my tax money was going into the paychecks of those pukes. One look at Chloe (along with her parent given name) tells you all you need to know about this bag of organic material. No need to mention the other two.

    All those kids who never got any discipline 20-30 years ago…. Here they are now.

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  7. “Jo Anne Hardesty, who also doesn’t like the Tear Gas, among other things I suspect”.

    Such as soap and water by the look of it.

    Still, that picture is useful. Get it framed and put on the mantelpiece to keep the kids and dogs away from the fire.


  8. A minor correction:

    George Floyd was not “…killed…”.
    George Floyd was a suicide by a self-administered dose of illegal drugs.

    He was going to die, he chose to do it while committing a crime.


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