Now That Is A Loser

LoserThat isn’t something I wouldn’t be telling anybody even as a joke.


I would wager that I have literally spent more time sitting on my ass in Dive Bars than some people’s teenage kids have been alive.

I even tended a bar for a couple of years without getting paid for it. I would just have them clear off my bar tab every couple of weeks, it was a neighborhood bar basically across the street from where I lived and I crawled home out of that joint many a time.

Funny how I don’t miss any of that isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Now That Is A Loser

  1. Funny how I don’t miss any of that isn’t it?
    Funny? No. It’s actually a good thing.

    Maybe it’s because I’m an odd duck, but I *never* saw any point in drinking. I was an extremely severe asthmatic growing up, and I could not see the point in doing something that would impair my body and/or my mind. Just didn’t add up. Not preaching, YMMV, so I don’t get all high-and-mighty about others drinking. I just didn’t and still don’t think it’s a particularly good thing to do to yourself.

    So, GOODS ON YA, Phil!

    And the REST of all you miscreants here on the blog!


    • Who are you calling a miscreant? I am a certified asshole and proud of it. I am not the one who hosts at empty campgrounds for months… When I lived in the Selwood area on SE Milwaukie and SE Knight St I lived across from the Yukon Tavern I sometimes crawled across busy Milwaukie a few nights… after almost getting hit one early morning I stopped doing that. I was young, dumb and full of manly things.


        • Speak for yourself old friend.
          I’m not quite there yet.
          But only by a few years.

          But, I sure was plenty stoopid and a terror in my youth
          and, I’m amazed that I survived.

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          • I pretty much had a death wish in my 20s and early 30s. I totalled 29 rigs between the ages of 19 and 29 and that’s not counting all the motorcycle and other accidents I was in. I kept telling my family that I would be lucky to hit 30. Y’all wouldn’t believe all the shit I have survived.

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  2. Just saying you are one of my “fav” blogs, and really you should write a book! Seriously
    Your wit, humor, talent, honestly, way with words, experiences — winning combination
    45FH (that’s how I’m signing now, get it?

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  3. In the mid 70’s I was on the Enterprise, which was home ported in Alameda, Calif. On main street was a dive bar called Pop’s Inn. Walk in the door it was about 30 ft long, 10 feet wide, full of smoke and had a 25 cent pool table in the back. Great place to grow up in.


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