3 thoughts on “For The Slow Learners Out There

  1. Poblem is, the little useful idiots can’t read, and if they coud they certainl wouldn’tt read HISTORY books, of all things…


  2. Egorr, you are absolutely correct. To be a Marxist, you have to be a political,
    historical, economic, and scientific illiterate! The real John Reed did not die
    in the Spanish Revolution while fighting on the Soviet side. He died in Russia.
    All of the purges in the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, they were the first to die.
    The Soviet Union Chinese communist government slaughtered the educated
    classes. All the doctors, lawyers, scientists, school teachers, technicians and
    professors, and petty capitalists were all killed right away. In China and
    Cambodia, even people with prescription glasses were murdered because
    it was a sign of wealth.

    We may never know the exact numbers, but some estimate that the Soviet
    Union and China alone murdered as many as 100,000,000 people. Pol Pot
    in Cambodia took it to a whole new level by killing off one-quarter of the
    population in Cambodia and forced those left to move out of the big cities
    and work in “collective farms.”

    My personal theory is that aim of a communist government is to kill the
    educated and capitalists because uneducated dirt farmers are easier to
    control. True intellectuals would be more likely to rebel, so they were
    killed off leaving the uneducated classes to work the fields.

    The mal-educated useful idiots like liberal Democrats, the Antifa and
    BLM idiots will be the first to go. We will go into “reeducation camps”
    where we can fake it. They will die right off at the beginning. This
    almost makes me want to see the radical left win!


    • “almost makes me want to see the radical left win!”

      I feel the same way about immigration from the Middle East and Africa. The very group of people doing the most for “open borders” are exactly the people the Muslims most want to kill. (Well, open borders for the US and Europe, that is. Strict immigration controls on their miserable little patch of land.)

      So the key word is “almost”. The dubious pleasure of seeing persons thrown off of buildings by the very savages they forced us to import would be like the quote from Moby Dick: From Hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath.


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